The Stipulation Of 2018 Parmout Local Regulation on APBD-P

Source: Parmout public relation

The Regional Representative Council (DPRD) of Parigi Motong finally stipulated a draft of regional regulation (Reperda) for the Regional Budget Change of Parigi Moutong in 2018 to become a Regional Regulation (Perda), after being evaluated by the Governor of Central Sulawesi.

The stipulation of Regional Regulation was agreed upon by all members of the DPRD Parigi Moutong at DPRD Plenary Meeting with the Banggar Report agenda on the evaluation results of the Governor of Central Sulawesi regarding the 2018 Amendment to Regional Budget Draft in Trans Sulawesi Temporary DPRD Meeting Room, Masigi Village (9/11).

Once stipulated, the APBD-P Regional Regulation was then signed jointly by Deputy Chairperson of DPRD Taufik Borman and Deputy Regent of Parigi Moutong, H Badrun Nggai SE. The Deputy Regent, H Badrun Nggai in his speech expressed his gratitude to the members of the DPRD, especially the Budget Board who had worked optimally so that the 2018 APBD-P Draft Regional Regulation could be set as a Regional Regulation. "Thank you to all honorable DPRD members, especially the Budget Agency so that the 2018 APBD-P Draft Regional Regulation can be set as a Regional Regulation, "said the Deputy Regent.

The summary of the APBD-P Parigi Moutong in 2018 is based on the results of the Governor's evaluation, including the education function of a minimum budget of 20 percent of the total ceiling that runs, it is stated to be fulfilled. Likewise, the health function of at least 10 percent of the total budget ceiling of the current budget has been fulfilled. The capital expenditure of at least 20 percent of the total budget ceiling of the Regional Budget is already fulfilled 18 percent and the budgeting for local revenue must be measured and has a clear legal basis for its use, especially the taxes and levies.

Furthermore, DPRD will immediately discuss Parigi Moutong District Budget in 2019. The DPRD is targeting to finalize the 2019 APBD on 30 November. The Plenary Meeting was chaired by Deputy Chairperson of DPRD, Taufik Borman and attended by DPRD Members, Regional Secretariat, Assistant I and a number of Heads of Regional Organizations of Parigi Moutong District.**

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