Agararia Conflict of Tanjung Sari Attended by Presidential Staff

The meeting accelerate agrarian conflict resolution attended by staff of president 

Translater: Jesica porogoi

THE COMPLETION On agrarian conflict is part of the national priority program agenda which is carried out by presidential staff office and Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia. Referring to these tasks and functions, the Republic of Indonesia KSP through a team to accelerate agrarian conflict resolution (TPPKA) regularly received public complaints regarding agrarian issues that occurred in their respective regions.

As a follow up to the public complaints, TPPKA has held a series of coordination meetings with the aim of jointly working with relevant parties (interior ministry), Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of PUPR, Ministry of ATR / BPN, to look for problems reported by the Luwuk community to the office presidential staff on 6 June 2017.

The series of coordination meetings were held on 8-22 October 2018 in the office of the presidential staff, one of which was an agrarian dispute case in Banggai which was held last 8 October 2018. In this case, the community complained about the guarantee of housing for the evicted people in Luwuk District.

The meeting in the office of Banggai Regent, (11/28/2018) was attended by staff of president Tarigan, Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Social Affairs, Head of BPN, Banggai Regional Police Chief, 1308 Dandim LB represented by the Head of the Regional Military Council who had attended the execution. 

According to the Chief of Police, he got the task as Chief of Police and the first homework to be done was to make what ideas he had to do so that they were fast, complete with their members preparing the needs both in the form of tents and wood so that people could be more calm.

Because this was done when the local government would provide assistance, all were rejected by the Tanjung Sari community. Actually the local government has worked wholeheartedly, but because there is still a miss so the assistance is returned.

The police station itself was able to communicate at the time, and it was realized that it was still in office. So it is rather difficult to communicate with the Regent. ‘’ Once upon a time we brought Water Conon, the point is not to flush residents who are demos but to fill water tanks in reservoirs, with this step the community can gradually accept the police as friends and even friends. The equivalent disclosure expressed by DPRD member Jufri Diko. The point is to convey the demands of the community about the six demands that must be fulfilled immediately.** 

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