Depdagri: Vice GovernorMust be Filled Immediately

Translater: Jesica porogoi

THE LETTER Dated 9 November 2018 which contained the regulation of Indonesian Ministry of Home Affairs No. 122.72 / 8992 / Otda concerning the filling of the Vice Governor of Central Sulawesi has requested Central Sulawesi Government to immediately fill the position. The completion is in accordance with Law No. 10 year 2016 concerning the second amendment of Law No.

One year 2015 and and regulations in lieu of Law No. 1 year 2014 specifically on article 176 paragraph 1 and 4. The Ministry of Home Affairs' letter was signed by the Director General of Regional Autonomy Sumarsono MDM.

That letter whose from the Director General of Regional Autonomy was addressed to the Chairperson of DPRD Central Sulawesi, Prof. Aminuddin Ponulele. Realizing the letter to the editor with a disposition reads; ’'Election committees will be followed up soon'’ with green ink. The known ink is used by Aminuddin Ponulele.

On the other hand, there was also a letter dated 6 August 2018 from the Advance Team of the coalition party, namely Gerindra, PAN and PKB and the UN signed; from Gerindra namely Dr. Alimuddin Pa'ada, Rusli Palabi from PAN, Muhammad Amin Thahir from PKB, Wawan Setiawan from the United Nations. They recommended two names, Faisal Mang and Anwar Hafid.

Unfortunately, these two names cannot be confirmed until tonight. Anwar Hafid cannot be contacted through his phone number many times, so did Faisal Mang.

According to the editorial data, dated 2 December 2017, Governor Longki Djanggola had proposed two names, Faisal Mang and Dr. Ansyhari. Even the Governor to the Kaili Post had promised  to discuss it with the bearer party (

In accordance with digital data, since May 2017 the discussion on filling in the Vice Governor began. His climax was the PAN proposed a name, namely Oscar Paudi. Even though election committee of DPRD Central Sulawesi  in accordance with the Standing Orders only received two names. Finally the Vice Governor's discussion was deadlock until almost a year to date.** 

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