ForBes Indonesia United to Help Labean Balesang Refugees


Reporter: Ramdan otoluwa

Humanitarian Movement is constantly being carried out. This time, ForBes Indonesia together with Indonesia Unity, again provided logistical assistance to 52 family heads, in 8 Mapaga Hamlet, Labean Village, Balaesang District. This was explained by Indonesian Secretary of ForBes, Mahfud Masuara to the overnight editor.

These 52 families, said Mahfud, were victims of tidal water or Rob's floods. All of the residential areas in Hamlet 8, at dusk, are approaching the afternoon, filled with seawater due to high tide after the earthquake on 28 September 2018 ago so that all of them took refuge in higher areas beside their settlements. Because it is isolated so that some humanitarian assistance rarely reaches them.

ForBes Indonesia and Indonesia Unity, immediately moved quickly, after the field team got information from the head of 8 Mapaga Hamlet, Nasri Suma and Labean Village Chief, Moh. Jamil Dg. Malongi, explained the condition of the citizens who had not received the logistics supplies in the last 20 days.

Head of Forbes Indonesia, Ronny Tanusaputra, and Ketum Indonesia Unity, Hasril Sibala immediately took a quick stance by lowering logistics and clothing worthy of use. Masri Suma, said that he was very grateful for the assistance from ForBes Indonesia and Indonesia Unity, this assistance was very helpful for residents in refugee camps. ’'Indeed, during the earthquake there were no buildings that collapsed but the current tide made our residence flooded with water in a house of about one meter so it was not suitable for habitation at high tide.' The assistance from Forbes Indonesia and Indonesia Unity is very helpful for the citizens.

Attending to hand over this assistance, Head of Forbes Indonesia whose represented by Mahfud Masuara, Hasril Sibala General Chair of Indonesia Unity, as well as General Director of the ForBes Indonesia even the second Vice Chancellor, Andi Kemal Abdi Putra, facilitated two vehicle units for this humanitarian aid. This assistance is given at 16:30 local time and some time later, the tide has begun to enter the residential area.

Another thing, two residents in the village, are currently undergoing legal proceedings at Donggala Regional Police due to a report carried out by one of the residents as a result of looting a day after the earthquake struck. Two residents namely Raden and Fardi. Both are residents of Mapaga 8 Hamlet and currently in detention in Donggala District Police. Both of them were accompanied by a lawyer from the Peradi Palu PBH office, as partners of ForBes Indonesia. ’'Hopefully in the future, ForBes Indonesia will continue to prosper and actively carry out humanitarian work,' 'I'm Mahfud again.**

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