Hundreds Of Cyclists Enliven Parigi Fun Adventure

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THE PARIGI Fun Adventure 2018 (bike and camp) which will be held on 1 December will be exciting. Because, until the 6th day of the event, more than 100 participants registered and confirmed their attendance. Dayat, one of 2018 Parigi Fun Adventure Committee said, until Sunday (11/25/2018), there were already 100 cyclists who registered.

They are cyclist from a number of bicycle clubs in Central Sulawesi, and some even registered from Masamba, South Sulawesi.

"From Masamba, South Sulawesi there were three participants who confirmed that they would participate in this event," Dayat said when met at the Parigi Fun Adventure 2018 Secretariat on the Trans Sulawesi Parigi Street.

Of the 100 participants who have confirmed that they will attend, the majority came from PBC bicycle clubs 23 participants, followed by Ampana Goes of Tojo Una-Una and Palu MTB with 20 participants each. There were 10 participants from Banggai Islands, 9 Bicycle Houses, 7 Palu Doctors, 5 Togobuta Toli-Toli Districts, and three participants from Central Sulawesi Regional Police.

"We are still waiting for confirmation from friends of GCC in Palu, Sigi, Donggala and Buol that the plan will also be enlivening this event," said Dayat.

The Parigi Fun Adventrure 2018 Line has previously been tested a while ago. The route that connects around 6 villages in Parigi District, South Parigi and West Parigi is considered very 'recommended' because it meets the elements of Fun and Adventure.

Firdaus from Palu Cycling Community who participated in the track trial admitted that he was impressed with the track that will be used for the Parigi Fun Adventure event in 2018, the track was cool, challenging, and the safety was good.

"I am sure that my friends from the Preparatory Committee were very mature. I recommended this path for friends to shift especially those who are crossed-country. Let's take notes on 1 December 2018. Until we meet in Parigi, Palu is Rising, Central Sulawesi is Rising," Firdaus said. The same assessment was also delivered by Andi Muhamad Tavip from Palu Mountain Bike.

According to him, the route to be used for Parigi Fun Adventure 2018 is one hundred percent good enough to pass. "The left is for adventure, the right side for fun adventure. But if the one for pure adventure on the left is good enough, we just install the signpost. The final conclusion after trying is quite good and adrenaline," said the Central Sulawesi senior Cyclist.**

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