PDAM Will Fix The Leaking Pipes


report/translater: Firmansyah/Jesica porogoi

A NUMBER OF PDAM employees were forced to repair and connect pipes owned by the Uwe Lino Regional Drinking Water Company (PDAM) in Donggala which was leaked when it was hit by an earthquake last September at the Puskud, BTN Palupi in housing complex, Palu (11/27/2018).

As a result of the damage to this pipeline, hundreds of PDAM customers in this complex cannot use the water. Because it was only promised to be repaired, finally a number of residents protested PDAM office on Jalan I Gusti Ngurah Rai, Palu.

"If we did not have the demonstration in his office, not necessarily they came to repair the pipeline in our complex," said Chairman of RT 1 BTN Puskud, Ridwan who coordinated the residents to protest the PDAM. "Residents will not leave PDAM office if they do not come now and repair the leaking pipes," added M Akhir, one of the residents.

It has been two months since the residents were patient enough not to be served clean water. Even if there is a water tank brought by the PDAM's car, but the residents must reach into their pockets just for "gasoline buyers" for PDAM employees. "Even though our burden costs should be paid. So we demand that if 1 x 24 hours the water is not running, the cost of the burden for 6 months is eliminated, "said Ridwan. 

The Acting Director of Uwe Lino PDAM, Hasan Basri who was present at the pipeline repair site said he would immediately repair the pipeline network at BTN Puskud and regarding the demands for the removal of the burden, his party could not fulfill it due to PDAM operations.

"We must fix it and ask for public understanding because this company is not subsidized by the government. "The company's operations depended on the customer contributions," he explained. "The repair of this pipeline is quite complicated because the one where it was repaired was leaking, in another place there was a leak. So this recovery is comprehensive. So there are still some people who get clean water services, "he said.

PDAM Uwe Lino is a company owned by the Regional Government of Donggala which was established in 1974 long before the formation of Administrative and Palu City. The continuity of service to customers depends on the sales of water/customer accounts because PDAM does not receive subsidies from the government in its operational activities.**

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