Supporting Credit Removal, Special Committee of Province Visited Jakarta


Translater: Jesica porogoi

SPECIAL COMMITTEE of Central Sulawesi Provincial Parliament today plans to go to Jakarta to meet the Minister of Finance and the Central Financial Services Authority (OJK) and the Indonesian House of Representatives related to the demand for the debtors in Palu City, Sigi and Donggala. This was revealed when the hearing committee with OJK Central Sulawesi, banking leaders, debtor forum victims of Pasigala disaster overnight in the Deprov's plenary room (11/27/2018).

According to the Chairperson of the Special Committee, Lucky Semen said that his office was in Jakarta to respond to the growing demands of the community. The Special Committee also hopes that OJK of Central Sulawesi and the debtor forum will work together, specifically in relation to the data of the debtors in a valid manner. ‘'We expect the support of the parties. "Both OJK, banking leaders and fellow debtor forum friends," said Lucky. The same thing was also said by Secretary of the Special Committee, Faisal Badja and other members.

The Special Committee highlighted OJK and banks which were seen as having the impression that they did not understand the demands for the abolition of debtors' loans. According to Lucky, the elimination of credit is a terminology used to bail out debtors' credit both those who are victims and those affected by the disaster (post major or kahar). The elimination demands were directed at the Republic of Indonesia Government, not the banks.

‘’It is impossible for us to demand the removal credit of bank. Definitely, it is going to poke. What is removed is the debtor's credit by using the Indonesian government's bailout funds, 'he stressed. Previously, the Chairman of OJK in Central Sulawesi, Sukri Yunus, continued to insist that his party offered the option of credit delays in accordance with their respective banking policies in accordance with POJK 045/2017.

Meanwhile, the Pasigala Disaster Victims Forum Debtor Forum was represented by Andono Wibisono who attended along with all the administrators namely; Secretary Irfan Lembah, FDK Pasigala Posko Command, Faisal and the legal field Hartati Hartono and Agussalim Faisal SH said that currently it has received 30 thousand member files. Whereas online registration has been inputted by almost a thousand members.

The Pasigala FDK fighted for the elimination of credit of good members who are victims and affected. The mapping of debtors and affected debtors is currently still being prepared by FDK. ‘’ We will map valis. By name, address and membership. This data is what we will bring to the central government, 'he explained. FDK requested the Special Committee's support to provide recommendations for letters to the President of the Republic of Indonesia.

Meanwhile, OJK Central Sulawesi according to Sukri Yunus argued that it would encourage the Special Committee to Jakarta to fight, and OJK was behind. ‘’ The principle is supportive and we don't have to go together to Jakarta. It's enough for us from behind,’’ said Sukri.**

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