The Country Does Not Care Entrepreneurs as Pillage Victims

Translater: Jesica porogoi

Disaster (29 September 2018) happened two months ago, the steps taken by the government were limited to handling refugees, temporary shelter and permanent residential planning. Until now, there have been no concrete steps to accelerate post-disaster economic recovery in Central Sulawesi, especially in Palu, Sigi and Donggala (Pasigala). Moreover, for pillage victims that generally afflict the local entrepreneurs.

‘'There is only recovery from the disaster victims, namely refugees. I have not yet heard the concrete steps of economic recovery by involving the entrepreneurs who are also the victims and affected by disasters, '' said the Central Sulawesi hotel and mall entrepreneur, H Karman Karim, SH to Kaili Post yesterday (11/29/2018).

According to him, the economic recovery in Central Sulawesi is very important. Primarily to suppress the inflation in this December to 2019. At present, the entrepreneurs still wait and see what government policies support economic recovery. If not, ‘’Don't talk about the post-disaster economic revival. The government without the help of employers is difficult to get up, 'he explained, who was also asked by several businessmen to become the Chairperson of the Entrepreneurs Forum for the pillage victims of Pasigala.

Second; according to him, the entrepreneurs are currently struggling as debtors to get banking policies that respond to economic recovery. ‘’ One of them is the elimination of credit or suspension for the next three years. I am sure that can encourage economic revival in Central Sulawesi, 'he explained.

According to him, the suspension of credit payments and still paying interest rates for several months is not a stimulus for post-disaster business recovery. ‘'Indeed, there is a payment of delay policy but accumulated the credit interest which becomes a credit principal. This means, the business credit will increase next year. It alleviates or aggravates to who can guarantee other factors to support the stable economy. For me, it is not a solution, '' explained by one of the management committees of Palu Grand Mal (PGM).

Third, continued the former 25-year lawyer, the economic recovery was also not visible because there was still no guarantee of business security and investment for entrepreneurs in Pasigala. The entrepreneurs are still traumatized by the 'tsunami of morality' - the term, post-disaster that undermines business confidence. He mentioned the PGM case which was looted after the disaster to the loss of hundreds of billions of rupiah.

‘Before it used to be a turnover of PGM of up to four billion rupiah a month. Paid for two-billions credit, salaries of 1,500 employees, electricity and other operations up to 1.5 billion rupiah. Yes, it can still be for the shareholders of 500 million rupiah every month. Now, the turnover is only five percent from four billion, it can rise if the credit is only postponed but bank interest is still paid or becomes a credit principal. Can you get up or spill ?, 'he said.

According to him, PGM was only affected by tsunami in the lower floors with water up to three meters high. The second, third and fourth floors are okay. “But on the fourth day, everything was looted. Tenen knows that condition. What about not worrying if you try again at PGM. Never mind if only the clothes, t-shirts and shoes or others are looted. But this was all from the cupboards, chairs and even the fridge were also looted. We are around humans who are not afraid of God. In fact, God has shown His power that is so clear, 'said Karman brightly.

Why is the price of basic ingredients, cooking oil and milk rising now? According to Karman it was the result of a 'moral tsunami' which undermined the trust of the entrepreneurs to put their belongings into Pasigala. “It used to be when ordered immediately sent and can be paid with a deadline. Now? The entrepreneurs who have become the victims of disasters, the victims of pillage if they are going to enter the goods in cash and when the shipping goods there is no guarantee that the goods will be safe from pillage. That's how it is now. This is a danger if it left until next year, 'said the Poso Mal owner.

The same thing was expressed, Palu's property and electricity entrepreneur, Farid Djafar Nazar. He does not agree if only the delay in payment of credit. '' The analogue when exposed to our disaster is sprawled. If only the delay we are asked to sit alone. There must be a stimulant of government policy to make us stand up and run. So it is true that the demand for the elimination of credit for victims and affected by the disaster, 'explained in a different place.

Both of them agreed that efforts to fight for this must be supported by all parties in Central Sulawesi to the central government. “There must be an effort to tap the central policy. Without it, it is impossible to rise or be strong, 'said Karman Karim and Farid Djafar Nazar separately.**

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