The Development Plan Of Bridge V Spent Rp33 M


translater: Jesica porogoi

THE CONSTRUCTION Plan of Bridge V in Palu will begin in 2019 with the budget estimation of IDR 33 billion from the upcoming 2019 APBD. This was revealed by a member of Commission C of DPRD Palu, Armin, on Tuesday (11/27/2018) in his room.

According to Armin, the bridge which connects the two sub-districts of Palu is located between Anoa II Street, South Lolu Village and Jati Street, Nunu Village. The purpose of the bridge construction according to Armin, in addition to breaking down the traffic congestion in Palu City, also replaced the temporary function of the yellow bridge which collapsed due to the earthquake and tsunami some time ago.

For the process of land acquisition on Bridge V construction that there is an additional expansion of the road to the bridge. "Yesterday, the dam area was only five meters. But there was an addition of three meters, so the area of ​​the net expanded," he admitted.

Furthermore, Armin revealed the plan to rebuild Bridge IV had been rolled out during a discussion between the Commission C of City Council and partners related to the City Government of Palu which funded directly from the central government in APBN.

However, Armin explained the rebuilding of Bridge IVcould no longer be used by vehicles in general. The bridge will function as a tourist destination. In exchange, the traffic flow of vehicles, especially the heavy transport, going back and forth from west to south will be diverted on Bridge V.

Besides that, continued Armin. Along the shore of Palu, it will again function as a tourist attraction. But first, a wave arrestor will be made. So that when the sea water enters, the strength and volume has diminished, "In the future, there will be a plan from the government to build the waves at Palu bay,’’ said Armin.**

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