The Repairment of Damaged Road by Earthquake in Sigi


Translater: Jesica porogoi

Roads by the earthquake and liquefaction disaster in Sigi, Central Sulawesi Province that occurred on 28 September 2018, is now being repaired by the government. The results of monitoring between Thursday, the road in Jono Oge Village, Sigi Biromaru sub-district in the past few days was repaired by Sigi Government. Seen, there are a number of heavy equipment deployed for smooth road works.

The road body starts to be piled up again so that the flow of vehicles passing must be extra careful. In the village, said Eni, a local health cadre worker, the road was in addition to being split, also down to two meters so that it needed a lot of material to redistribute.

Jono Oge village, he said, was the worst village in Sigi affected by the earthquake and liquefaction. According to him, 100 percent of the residents' buildings in the village were totally damaged and had to be rebuilt.

In the meantime, many residents still live in emergency tents while waiting for the construction of temporary shelters to be built.

While the Assistant II of the Regional Secretary of Sigi, Iskandar Nontji, said that all the infrastructure damaged by natural disasters in the area would be repaired again.

However, because of the limited budget, it is certainly done in stages and priorities. The intended infrastructures are roads and bridges, electricity and telecommunications and irrigation. Especially the electrical infrastructure has been repaired by PLN. All areas affected by the electricity disaster are normal.

At present, Sigi Government is aggressively improving the damaged road infrastructure to encourage the economic growth of the people who have been affected by natural disasters. Likewise, education, health and houses of worship will certainly be built or rehabilitated. But for liquefaction locations, the settlements and other buildings will no longer be possible, "said the former Head of the Sigi of Public Works Office. He admitted that the community's economy gradually began to rise again.**

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