Ahmad H Ali: Nasdem is Ready Behind the Debtor

Reporter/Palu: Andono Wibisono

THE GENERAL Treasurer of DPP Nasdem Party, Ahmad H Ali or familiarly called Mat Hi Sun promised his party to stick together with 40 thousands of debtor in Pasigala (Palu, Sigi and Donggala) and Parigi Moutong District to fight the credit write-off for the disaster victims on last 28 September 2018. “I am ready to be in the forefront of fighting for the credit write-off, “explained the management of Pasigala Disaster Victims on Debtor Forum, Ismail, to kailipost.com

According to him, he would also ask the Central Sulawesi Nasdem Party DPW to back up the activities and programs of Debtor Forum to achieve its objectives. Akhmad H Ali as Chair of the Nasdem Faction in the Indonesian House of Representatives said he would order all members of his faction to fight to support the credit write-off for the disaster victims in Indonesia. “If you want to get up, you must fight clearly. Nasdem is ready at the back, “said Ismail again.

He also promised to participate together with DPR RI Supervisory Team regarding the recovery and reconstruction of disaster affected areas in Indonesia. “A real economic recovery is the abolition of victim credit. The impact of the lower level economy will rise and be strong. The system will be regulated with the government which could be maximal or optimal in its goals, “ explained Mat Hi Sun again.**

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