Credit Write-Off for Disaster Victims

Includes in DPR RI Supervision Agenda
Reporter/Jakarta: Andono Wibisono

ONE OF The members of Indonesian Disaster Management Supervisory Board of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Supratman Andi Agtas admitted that the elimination of credit for disaster victims in Indonesia such as Lombok, Central Sulawesi, Banten and Lampung was included in the agenda of the Indonesian House of Representatives Recovery and Reconstruction Team chaired by Fahri Hamzah.

Almost, the issue of credit write-off from disaster victims out of the agenda. However, after the RDP in Commission IV, Maman- the nickname of Supratman Andi Agtas and the banking and financial services industry leaders, he requested a joint commission meeting between Commissions IV and VI, “ especially also discussing the credit write-off,” he explained in Jakarta.

According to the Chairperson of DPR RI Legislative Body, he and the Disaster Management Supervisory Team will soon visit the disaster sites, including in Central Sulawesi. In addition, to seeing the disaster handling process by the government, he also promised to invite the Pasigala Disaster Victim Forum Debtor Forum to have a dialogue in conveying his aspirations to the Ti DPR Supervisor.

He also promised to fight for the aspirations of Pasigala community in relation to shelter, Huntap, the right to assistance for refugees and economic recovery by writing off the loans from disaster victims. ’'We will absorb all the aspirations from disaster victims, especially in Central Sulawesi,” he said.**

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