Election Box Holds Loads Up to 90 Kg


Reporter: Firmansyah Lawawi

COMMISSION Of General Elections (KPU) guarantees the quality of election boxes that will be used in the 2019 Election. Although it is made from cardboard or waterproof carton, the ballot box can hold loads up to 90 kilograms (kg).

Head of Palu KPU Agusalim Wahid said that the power of the ballot box had been tested. His endurance has also been carefully calculated.

"In terms of strength, a strong load of 80-90 kilograms is not dented. Any stacked will also not be denied, because usually the boxes are stacked 4 or 5 boxes above it is not a problem," said Agusalim, in Palu on Wednesday (9/1 / 2019).

He explained the ballot boxes in 2019 elections were made from a waterproof carton. With the estimation entered by the ballot, the box load can reach 10.5 kg. The voice box is able to hold loads even if stacked up to 5 boxes.

In addition, the duplex material is also resistant to water splashes. Because the language is specially made. Not like the cardboard material that has been known so far.

"The use of duplex material as a ballot box is regulated in PKPU Number 7 of 2018. Mentioning that the use of ballot boxes, using waterproof carton material, and one of the sides is transparent. , "Agusalim explained.

The mechanism of packing the ballot box according to Agusalim, after assembly, the ballot papers were then entered into the place. After that, it will be sealed using a tis cable with a limited KPU logo, and not available elsewhere. Before being distributed to TPS, or vice versa, the ballot box is first wrapped in plastic.

"Talking about the security of the ballot box, not only the type of material used. The point is the integrity of the organizers. It includes supervision from Bawaslu, security from the TNI and Polri, community participation. At present, the public doubts the security of using the ballot box," he admitted

Likewise, Chairman of the Central Sulawesi KPU, Tanwir Lamaming said the resilience of the material for the ballot box was impermeable to water. This means that it is submerged in water for a short period of time, will not be damaged.

By him, to better maintain the security of the ballot box, it is wrapped in plastic. "Before the ballot is entered into the ballot box. First wrapped in plastic. Then the sound box is also like that," he said.

So, said Tanwir, there were several layers of security from the ballot box in the distribution. "When compared to other cardboard materials, the quality is very different. Besides being able to withstand the load, the material is also impermeable to splashing water. Because the language has fiber like a candle," he said

The election box made from waterproof carton reaps controversy. Some people doubt the quality of the ballot box. Gerindra Party Secretary-General Ahmad Muzani, for example, proposed that the KPU replace the ballot boxes made of cardboard. He worried that the box would be easily damaged.

But this concern was pushed aside by the KPU. The election organizer ensures the strength of the box is equivalent to aluminum.

KPU Chairman Arief Budiman previously revealed that the use of cardboard-based ballot boxes is not new in the administration of elections. According to him, the box made from waterproof carton has been used in the 2014 presidential election and three times of the election. **

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