Erlangga Submits the Tent School to Sigi and Donggala

Citizen Journalism: Amiludin

PUBLISHERS PT Erlangga has handed over two emergency school units in the form of tents to the Government of Sigi and Donggala Regency as a form of concern for the disaster that struck the area on 28 September 2018 ago. This assistance through the Erlangga Peduli program is also a form of support to the government, especially in the education sector.

The two schools are the SDN Salove Emergency School, Dolo Subdistrict, Sigi Regency, which was received directly by the Head of Education Sigi Regency, Kaimun P, and SDN 4 Banawa Emergency School which were also received directly by the Donggala District Head of Education Ibrahim Drakel.

The two school units are equipped with facilities and infrastructure such as whiteboards and fans in each classroom, Vaping Blok, trash can, and refrigerator for the teacher's room.

Not only that, every student and teacher in these two schools also get each pair of shoes according to the size of each foot, based on data from the school.

The Managing Director of PT Erlangga Raja DM Hutauruk Issuer said Erlangga not only wanted to come to this area solely to seek profit, but was part of the local community itself so that they felt what was experienced by the people in the area. "There must be a mutualism symbiosis between the community and PT Erlangga Publisher, this will not only reach here but will continue," said King DM Hutauruk, after giving assistance on Wednesday (1/9/2019).

Continue Raja, the publisher of PT Erlangga not only helped to establish the two emergency schools so that their students could return to safe and comfortable education, but the two schools would become the target schools of PT Erlangga's Publishers in the future.

Meanwhile, Branch Manager of PT Erlangga Sulawesi Region, Sapriadi Syamsuddin, added, if, in the near future, it plans to join in the trauma center to help recover or accelerate the recovery of trauma for students, such as storytelling in schools and so on. "Our hope is that children will recover quickly, so that they will be able to compete with other regions, both at the national level and even at the international level," said Sapriadi, agreed by the Head of the Erlangga Publishing Branch in Palu, Irsan.

It was explained if this was not the first aid for the Central Sulawesi region after the 7.4 SR earthquake that was followed by Tsunamis and Liquidations which hit Palu, Sigi, and Donggala (Pasigala), but this was the fourth stage.

Where the first stage of the day after the earthquake, the head office of PT Erlangga Jakarta immediately contacted the representative office of PT Erlangga Makassar to check the condition of the employees of PT Erlangga Palu Office, as well as coming to Palu to bring assistance to employees, and the community around Erlangga Palu office.

On the order, the second day after the earthquake, the Makassar Erlangga team deployed two fleet units, one operational unit and another box containing assistance and logistics in the form of rice, mineral water, indomi, canned fish, baby equipment, and medicines.

After a few days later, the second team arrived with more assistance than before, following the third aid so that the assistance could touch not only the people of Palu City but also touched the people of Sigi Regency and Donggala District who were affected by the earthquake, tsunami and liquefaction.

"All of this is a form of humanitarian concern for the events that happened to the people of Pasigala and its surroundings which claimed thousands of lives and caused material losses of trillions of rupiah," he added.

The Head of the Sigi District Education Office, Kaimun P, expressed his gratitude to PT Erlangga Publisher for helping the school in his area, this was the first time there was a publishing company that distributed aid to schools in Sigi Regency.

Especially directly in the form of a school unit complete with facilities and infrastructure. "Of course this is very helpful, even more than what we expected," said Kaimun P.**

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