Legislative Election Sounds Like Governor Election


Reportase: Andono Wibisono

WHO Do not know Anwar Hafid, familiarly called AH. No need to describe more about his success stories.  Ten years had passed since the former regent in the ‘rich’ district of potential natural resources is now trying out the broader stage of DPR's stage.

It appears that AH on the political stage of Central Sulawesi (meaning electoral district) in a few months began to be massive, systemic and structured and teared up  Pasigala. He often found ink coolies reading the khutbah at the mosque on Friday prayers in Donggala, Sigi and Palu. He was also, according to the information, doing campaigning for the voices of candidates.

Before that, AH was also caught by digital devices in Tolitoli and Buol. Even though according to the survey, one of the political parties whose names were Democratic Chairman in Buol, Tolitoli electoral district was not yet significant. They are still under Maman and Syarifuddin Sudding.

In the past two weeks, AH was not too responsible to meet with Central Sulawesi figures such as Longki Djanggola and Rusdi Mastura or Cudi.

The AH's step on the chess board this time is similar to the strategy of 'Steal the Trojan Horse', all social-political analysts or journalists must be watching this. They are sweet and very beautiful.

Meeting with Longki is definitely a lot of linking with the Deputy Governor's issue and meeting Cudi for sure about the upcoming governor election. Even though AH's method is actually the future political civilization that must be built, but do not stay arrogant. Strengthening the rope is offered. This question must be acknowledged by AH.

It could be AH will say goodbye to the both to enter Pasigala and Parigi Moutong. But it could be to build a degree of electability for legislative and governor election. All the options are possible. Because politically, the rest of the vent will enter to be able to change immediately.

AH is Central Sulawesi's Democratic potential candidate. The Democratic cadre understands that. He is not a "Kuda Pateke", to see the corn going to turn aside. AH is really a tough politician. Racehorses who could do a marathon.

The last time I breathe political air is very lurid, smart and beautiful. It is not tacky and pretentious. I hope that other prominent figures will explain such political ways.**

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