Morowali Government Violates Regional Regulation


 Reporter: ramdan otoluwa

REGIONAL Government in Central Sulawesi is the parties that have a capital statement at Sulteng Bank. Because the shareholders certainly have an obligation to build an increase in Central Sulawesi Bank in their respective regions.

The emergence of a letter from the Morowali Regent, Taslim which stipulates the Non PNS salary transactions or contract and honorary teachers outside the banks not belong to Central Sulawesi people, to be questioned. Likewise, his subordinate letters that no longer use Sulteng Bank and move to BNI are in the spotlight.

A former member of the 2015 Capital Investment Regulations Draft Special Committee, Edmond Leonarndo Sihaan SH MH, said he was disappointed with the behavior of regional heads who did not comply with the Regional Regulation.

According to him, the governor must be assertive with the head of the regional government who clearly violates the regulation on capital participation. "The regulation is a rule. How can be violated. Especially those who violate the head of the region," he admits annoyed.

He asked journalists to check the funds for the Morowali Regency capital participation in the BPD Bank. 

"There is a Regional Regulation concerning Equity Participation, they should follow the Regional Regulation. If the capital participation is small compared to the one stated in the regional regulation, the provincial government must be strict with them. Now they no longer save regional budget funds at the BPD, it is questionable that their compliance with the regulation is questionable. Including love and having them over the BPD Bank as a regional bank, 'he explained.

Edmond suggested, the Provincial Government must be firm in not being able to silence such behavior, the Regional Regulation must be enforced, we must enlarge the BPD Bank.

Meanwhile, the Regent Morowali Taslim, who was about to be confirmed by his cellular phone, until this news  published, was not connected yet. **

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