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THE DEMONSTRATION Blamed the Governor's policy Cq. The Provincial Manpower and Transmigration Office should not have happened if all parties understood the rules regarding the determination of district/city Sectoral Minimum Wages.

Head of the Central Sulawesi Public Relations and Protocol Bureau, Drs. Moh. Haris Kariming stressed the need for all parties to reopen the rules governing UMSK. According to him, if you look at the chronology of the proposed increase in the determination of Morowali District UMSK, it is not procedural.

"There are some rules that are not implemented in the proposal that seems unilateral or do not involve leading sector companies as the parties that must be involved in the formulation of the UMSK proposal, '' said Haris Kariming.

He said, currently the Central Sulawesi provincial government has not set Morowali's Sectoral District Minimum Wage (UMSK) because there are still objections from several companies over the increase in the UMSK.

"Meanwhile, during the meeting at the Morowali Regent Office meeting room, on Thursday, January 24, 2018, only the regent, Apindo, the trade/labor union attended. The company should be invited and consulted. At that time there was no involvement of the company, 'said Karo Public Relations.

Furthermore Karo Humas explained, based on the Minister of Manpower Regulation in 2018, regarding minimum wages article 15 paragraph (5) it was stated that: In the case of superior sectors, the Regency / city wage council submits the results of the study of business associations in the sector and trade unions in the sector concerned to negotiate:

a. Companies that fall into the category of superior sectors concerned; and
b. Nominal UMSK

Furthermore, in the letter of the Morowali Regent number 848/1218 / BUP-TND / XII / 2018, dated December 26, 2018, regarding the recommendation for the establishment of Morowali UMSK in 2019, which was conveyed to the Governor of Central Sulawesi, it was clear that the negotiations referred to in the article above were not carried out.

"Evidently, PT IMIP, which is a leading sector company that has substantial work and several other companies in Morowali, protested against the proposed 20 percent increase from UMSK in 2018," said Haris.

Related to the determination of the proposal of UMSK Morowali in 2019, Referring to article 16 paragraph (2) of the Minister of Manpower Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia in 2018 concerning minimum wages, it was stated that: In the case of negotiations that do not reach an agreement, the Governor cannot determine UMSK.

After returning the proposed UMSK to the Regent, if there is no agreement between the trade union/labor union and the company in the superior sector, then according to article 16 paragraph (3) of the Republic of Indonesia Labor Regulation Number 15 in 2018, there are two ways that can be taken:

a. For regions that have not had UMSK in the previous year, the same applies to the current UMSK.

b. For regions that have already established UMSk in the previous year, UMSK applies the previous year, if the amount is higher than the current MSE, or applies the same as MSEs in the current year, if the previous UMSK is greater than the current UMK.

It should be noted, for the case of Morowali district, UMSK for the mining sector in 2018 amounted to Rp2,902,600 and MSE in 2019 amounted to Rp2,551,463. thus if there is no agreement from the results of Bipartite (Negotiations) of trade unions with the company, then the value of UMSK that applies to 2019 should be the same as the value of UMSK in 2018, which is IDR 2,902,600, there is no increase.

In this regard, the Central Sulawesi provincial government, through the Manpower and Transmigration Office, will mediate by inviting the Morowali District Government and the parties including the Provincial Wage Council to find a joint solution. It is planned that the meeting will be held on Monday, January 28, 2019, at the Central Sulawesi Office of the National Housing Agency.

For this reason, in the name of the provincial government, Karo Public Relations Protocol requested that all parties including workers to remain calm and be patient. The government will try to find the best solution for all parties.**

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