Regent and Mayor Deadlined to Validate Data


Source/Editor: Public Relation of Central Sulawesi/Ramdan Otoluwa

Regent of Donggala and Sigi, and the Mayor of Palu were given a deadline by Governor of Central Sulawesi, Longki Djanggola, in late December 2018 to immediately establish data validation with the decision of the regional head. This was confirmed by Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, when the Governor requested an acceleration of assistance.

“When we asked the Vice President for the acceleration of assistance, his answer accelerated the data validation. Because based on valid data, help will be fast or slow. Therefore, I ask that by the end of December there will be a regional decision regarding disaster data in each region, 'said the governor.

The basic thing is, last weekend the transition period for disaster recovery was extended to February 23, 2019. Originally, the transition period will be completed tomorrow - December 25, 2018.

However, because the evaluation results are still 1,200 units, Governor Longki Djanggola decided to extend. The decision considered, especially the technical considerations delivered by BNPB through the BNPB Logistics Deputy. Extending to the next 60 days, the goal is to increase the performance targets. This was revealed by an evaluation meeting expanded with BNPB's Deputy Logistics and Equipment, Rudi Phadmanto (12/21/2018).

The extension of the transition period was proposed by the Head of the Infrastructure Task Force, Ari Supriadi. He reported, currently the construction of shelter is still 110 units from the target of 1,200 units. Currently, there are 220 units in Palu, 193 units in Sigi and 140 units in Donggala. By him, he expected the need to extend the emergency transition.

The same thing was proposed by the Central Sulawesi Head of Social Affairs, Ridwan Mumu and Head of Binamarga and Tata Ruang Syaifullah Djafar. The same thing was also expressed by BNPB Logistics Deputy Rudi Phadmanto. ’'At present, there is still a need to extend the emergency transition to facilitate access to disaster relief, and it is hoped that immediate planning data validation will be carried out and determined by the regional head's decision to immediately decide on the distribution of assistance in accordance with the policies set. Because the policy of budget allocation can be decided based on the accurate data, 'he said.

As Chair of Pusdatina, Secretary of Provincial Secretariat Mohammad Hidayat Lamakarate said that Pusdatina had conducted data validation with teams from regencies and cities. He hoped the regional head at Pasigala had set the data validation with the decision of the regional head. This was followed by the governor so that the regents and mayors as soon as possible carried out data validation and were determined by a regional head decision.**

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