Hendrik Gave 1,000 Cements for Development of Church in Banggai

Reporter/Luwuk: Imam Muslik

CHRISTIANS From the Bukit Muria Luwuk Church led by Rev. Marthon Malenta Sth were full of wisdom to celebrate the 39th anniversary of the Bumi Mutiara Luwuk Congregation, the 106th anniversary and the 53rd anniversary of the GKLB. Present at the Thanksgiving event were Head of Ketapang Ferllin Mongesang, Secretary of PUPR, Helena, Owner Shoping Mall Luwuk Hendrik Gari Lyanto and the entire church of the hill church Muria Luwuk.

The Bukit Muria Church Committee held a balloon break event marked by donations from the congregation. Total donations collected Rp.67 million. HGL itself helped Rp. 30 million and 1,000 bags of cement for the construction of churches in Banggai District.

Reverend Marthon Malenta told reporters on the sidelines of the event that the donation given by a Luwuk Mall Shoping entrepreneur was purely aid and should not be linked to political elements. 

“During the service we never spoke and campaigned in the church. All of us lead the worship with great enthusiasm and if it is festive it is natural because all of them are people who come to worship,” he said.**

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