Stakeholder Ask to Fight against Illegal Miras


Reporter: Firmansyah Lawawi

THE CURRENT Eexcessive circulation of illegal liquor requires the attention of various parties who are competent in it. Moreover, this has resulted in fatalities. Like what happened in Palu sometime ago. At least, 17 people died after consuming these illicit goods.

Responding to this, the city council legislator, Rusman Ramli said in a statement last week that the stakeholders from law enforcement officials, local governments to the community, played an active role in combating the circulation of illegal alcohol in Palu City.

"There needs to be integrity between various parties so that the deaths incident of Palu residents due to consuming illegal alcoholic drinks will not happen again," said Rusman Ramli. He hoped the police would act decisively to uncover the case. By conducting an investigation, to make an arrest to the person involved in the trade so that it can cause a deterrent effect for the perpetrators.

The City Government together with its staff, from the upper level to the villages are more sensitive to responding to the polemic. The role of the K5 Task Force is more effective in supporting the city government program in making Palu, a city that is cultured and civilized based on faith and piety.

In supporting the work of the police, Rusman also hopes for BPOM to back up the performance of the police. By conducting research on the content contained in illegal alcoholic beverages (wasteful) to data collection on the distribution sites.

In addition, Rusman said, the participation of religious, traditional, youth, and community leaders was no less important in reducing the circulation of illegal alcoholic drinks. "The role of religious leaders, tradition and youth is very much needed in anticipating the case to happen again in the community," he said.**

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