Tanoto Foundation Builds Schools-Earthquake Resistant

Reporter: Firmansyah Lawawi

VARIOUS Help came in helping Central Sulawesi after past natural disasters. Both from the government and private institutions. Like the Tanoto Foundation, a private sector that will build three schools with earthquake resistant construction.

"For Central Sulawesi Province, Tanoto Foundations will rebuild schools damaged by natural disasters. Using earthquake-resistant materials and construction," said Rahmat, Tanoto Foundation Program Manager, in Palu, Thursday (01/10/2019).

The three schools, said Rahmat, were like SDN 3 Sirenja, Donggala District, SDN Inpres 14 Pantoloan, Palu City and SDN 05 Dolo, Sigi Regency.

Construction of the building for total rehabilitation of the three schools uses new material or galvanized steel (mild steel). It can control temperature, resistance to termites. The material weight of the building is lighter and with a system of unloading, but the infrastructure is permanent.

"The use of these materials is very efficient for earthquake-prone areas. The knock-down development system, the use of cement materials is only for the foundation and floor of the building. The rest is just to install other construction.

For the total funds used for the construction of three schools in Pasigala according to Rahmat, reaching 3 billion. "Because it is still waiting for the delivery of all materials to be used for the construction of three schools. It is targeted that it will be completed in May or enter the new school year," he admitted.

The development project said Rahmat, coordinating with relevant agencies to determine the location of school construction.

The Tanoto Foundation was established in 2009 with the aim of providing assistance to regions in Indonesia, by focusing on development in the education sector. "Previously, we have also moved in three provinces in Sumatra, namely Jambi, Riau, and North Sumatra. In 2018 in East Kalimantan and Central Java. For Central Sulawesi, in the future hopefully we can help in the longer term," said Rahmat.

In the same place, Head of Donggala District Education Office Primary School development Yusuf explained that the school building infrastructure in his area, there were around 300 schools damaged. Starting from the level of kindergarten elementary school, junior high school to high school.

Of the 300 schools. One of them received development assistance from the Tanoto Foundation. Namely SDN 13 Sirenja.

Of the several schools recommended to be built, the Tanoto Foundation chose SDN 13 Sirenja. With consideration in the school that is located in Lende Village, located close to the epicenter of the center on 28 September.

The Tanoto Foundation is a humanitarian institution led by entrepreneur Sukanto Tanoto who cares about education. Founder of PT. Raja Garuda Mas (RGE) is known as the king of oil palm and paper. One of the production brands is Paper One. **

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