The Remaining MIT Group Eliminated Soon

Reporter/Poso: Ishaq Hakim

THE REGIONAL Government of the Regency of Poso expects that the remaining hunting operation of the East Indonesia Mujahidin group (MIT) led by Ali Kalora will be completed eliminating in 2019 by the security forces.

This was expressed by the Poso Regent, Darmin A.Sigilipu recently when interviewed by reporters in Poso, Friday 11/1/2019.

"We hope that the TNI / Polri who are members of the 2019 Tinombala Safe Ops Task Force will soon be able to complete the Ali Kalora network which has been increasing," he said.

According to him, with the return of joint troops of the TNI / Polri BKO, the issue of terrorism in Poso, especially from the interference of the Ali Kalora group, was immediately resolved.

"I am grateful that the TNI / Polri forces will be deployed again to join the 2019 Ops Aman Tinombala Task Force. With the hope that the completion of the DPO terrorist group led by Ali Kalora can be completed this year," he said.

He explained, if at present the development sector is not disturbed at all, it is evident that in the 3 years of its leadership the conditions of development in Poso are running and developing well.

However, he admitted, with the existence of the MIT group, the image of Poso greatly affected the tourism sector, especially for foreign tourists who were afraid to visit. Nevertheless, local tourists do not feel afraid to go to Poso and still run well.

He added if the location of the incident and the area of ​​terrorist pursuit operations by security forces located far from the city center did not affect the activities and wheels of the local government.

The Poso Regional Government also requested that all troops deployed both TNI and Polri be provided by their respective leaders, so that they could be able to mingle with the local community at their assigned location.

Besides that the Regional Government also wants the presence of TNI / Polri in the midst of the community to carry out their duties properly by leaving an impression that is always missed by the citizens. **

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