Tzu-Chi Buddhist Foundation Build 2000 Huntap

Reporter: Firmansyah Lawawi

ASSISTANCE From various parties is still coming to Central Sulawesi after natural disasters, both in the form of funds and infrastructure development. One of them is from the Tzu-Chi Buddhist Foundation, Taiwan.

Representatives of the Tzu-Chi Buddhist Foundation, Aida Angkasa, revealed that it would build around 2000 permanent shelter for the people of Palu City. It has coordinated with the Mayor of Palu, and the Governor of Central Sulawesi has been linked to revoking the HGB land permit for the construction of Huntap.

"According to the Mayor of Palu, HGB owners who are located behind Tadulako University have been willing to give up the land they manage to the State. Yesterday he called me, HGB owners handed it to the state at the RI Kemenkuham office," Aida said on Wednesday (1/23/2019 ).

According to Aida Angkasa, the obstacle faced was the revocation of HGB licenses for the construction of Huntap in the city of Palu. Previously, the Mayor had revealed to the foundation when the process was running slowly, he would install a body for the acceleration of Permanent Housing.

The plan, the foundation will build around 1000 permanent residences. However, this does not rule out the possibility that it will increase to more than two thousand. "To estimate the number of Huntap to be built, it depends on the land. It may be increased by units," he said.

The foundation bailed out all the construction of the Huntap building which was one unit three times six meters in size. Meanwhile, in the case of road vases, or making road access is handled by the city government.

Previously, Huntap development assistance was also given to Sigi Regency. But said Aida Angkasa, until now, the Sigi District Government has not responded to this. "Our foundation has allocated Huntap assistance to Palu City Government, Sigi Regency Government, and Lombok. Each of them has one thousand units. But until now we have lost contact with the Sigi District Government," he said.

Regarding the criteria for people who are entitled to Permanent Shelter, the foundation will cooperate with the City Government of Palu. But clearly, Aida Angkasa, uses a system of priority scale. That is, prioritizing citizens who need Huntap more.

In addition, the foundation will also issue a Huntap ownership certificate. By agreement, it cannot be traded or bought as collateral for ten years. "We have implemented it in Aceh, the plan is that on January 30th the groundbreaking of Huntap construction will be carried out," he explained.

He added, the Tzu-Chi Buddhist Foundation itself in carrying out its assistance does not look at religious factors. But putting forward the feeling of humanity. "We have a network that is in sixty countries. The funding is not only from the foundation but also from donors," said Aida Angkasa.**

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