Wabup Morut: The Demo of Aksi Cinta Damai is Too Late


Reporter/Morut: Pariaman Tambunan

VICE Regent of the North Morowali (Morut) Regency said the demontration of Aksi Cinta Damai held on Monday, January 7, 2019 considered to be late, because he and the Regent Apritel have not synergized all this time.

"I and the regent are not harmonious anymore. It's not synergistic. Because there is a cause and effect, meaning there is no smoke if there is no fire," said Vice Regent Moh Asrar Abd Samad, Tuesday (01/08/2018).

He had carried out his duties as well as possible with the hope that Morut's development would run well according to the vision and mission.

However, Asrar said, so far the Apritel government had never involved itself in policy making.

"During the demonstration, I was in the office with the hope that I would receive the envoy for the peaceful action because the Apritel Regent did not enter the office," he explained

After waiting for him, he continued, he said, suddenly without the knowledge of the Vice Regent and no information before, Acting Secretary of the Republic of Indonesia Jamaluddin Sudin immediately met the participants of the action and negotiated.

"So from here I see there is no ethic to respect the leadership. Even though my job is as a deputy regent whose supervisory function has no meaning, "he said.

"Regarding my absence from the DPRD hearing, how would I like to be present if I wasn't invited?" He added questioningly.

He hoped that the Morut community would create a love of peace and not be easily provoked by the political interests of certain groups or groups.

Meanwhile, one of the participants of the action who was reluctant to be named admitted that the disharmony of the regent and vice-regent was well known, so that it could hamper the wheels of government in Morut.

Especially now that we see that during the Aptripel administration the development in the physical form of this Morut has not been enjoyed by the community.**

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