Businessman Complains Pantoloan Without Crane


Reportase: andono wibisono

SINCE The post-disaster of September 28, 2018, the traffic flow of container transport in the port of Pantoloan was disrupted. Because the main crane, owned by Pelindo in the port of Pantoloan, was damaged and could not be used. Damaged, the Crane has yet to get a new replacement from the central government.

As a result of damage to the main crane, loading and unloading at Pantoloan port are currently only using manual cranes which only have the ability to unload only 80 containers per day. Whereas when using the Crane, container loading and unloading can be carried out for a day 200 containers. Thus complained the Palu businessman to Kaili Post yesterday (02/13/2019) in Pantoloan Port.

As a result of the absence of the replacement of the Main Crane in the Pantoloan port, it was very detrimental to the trade flow and material supply to the Palu, Sigi, Donggala and other districts. ’'Increasingly adding high costs, inefficient, slow and unprofitable in the business world,' 'said the entrepreneur who was reluctant to be named.

He explained, from Jakarta besides Samas, there was no direct ship to Pantoloan port. Whereas the same itself is often full of cargo. As a result, the ship from Palu had to pick up again at the port of Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. ’'Of course, from this pickup, it will take time and added infrastructure in the port of Pantoloan is not good after the disaster,' he explained.

This condition, the admission is very detrimental to employers in Central Sulawesi because of experiencing delays in distribution. ’'Even though the demand (demand) for goods in Palu is currently good, sir. But what do you want to do with this condition? ' What will also be affected are entrepreneurs who will invest in warehousing, the predictions will decrease. ‘’ Certainly, if this condition does not improve and certainly will reduce regional income. Imagine that 80 container boxes must be assisted by workers for fishing containers, 'he said. Not to mention if it rains, it doesn't operate because the conditions are slippery and risky. He also mentioned the shipping route via Meratus: namely from Jakarta - Surabaya (replacing a connected ship) - Palu. when using Spil route; Jakarta - Balikpapan (change ship connection) - Palu, he said.

Meanwhile, Kaili Post tried to ask for information from Pelindo, the port of Pantoloan, until this news was printed, it could not be confirmed. "There are those who are authorized about that, sir. We have no authority, '' said one staff member at the port of Pantoloan. He only reported that the matter of the damaged Main Crane had been reviewed by the central government, in this case, the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation when jointly following the delegation of Vice President Jusuf Kalla to Palu a few days ago.**

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