Corruption in Morut, Polda Have to Completely Investigate

Reporter: Firmansyah Lawawi

TENS OF People from the Anti-Corruption Coalition (KRAK) demonstrated in front of the Central Sulawesi Regional Police Headquarters on Thursday (2/14/2019). The demonstrators urged the police to resolve a number of cases of alleged corruption in North Morowali Regency, including allegations of corruption in the DPRD building project, alleged misuse of the authority of the Regional Expenditure Budget (APBD) and the Parangisi-Uepakatu road construction project, 2017 Lijo Manyoe road section.

"Considering the results of the calculation of state financial losses on the alleged corruption of the Morowali DPRD building by the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) to the Central Sulawesi Regional Police Corruption on November 12, 2018. The delay in the determination of suspects was very contradictory to Law Number 48 of 2009 concerning power judiciary, article 2 paragraph (4) states that the judiciary is carried out in a simple, fast and low-cost manner, "said the Korlap mass, Harsono Bareki,

According to Harsono, the process of handling alleged corruption cases against the Morut Regent, there is no clarity to date. There has been no determination of the suspect in the case. Even though some online and electronic media stated that Atripel Tumimomor has been named a suspect.

By him, he hoped that the Central Sulawesi Regional Police Corruption Corps, or the Regional Police Chief, would convey this. "Because of the actions taken by the Morut Regent, it is a human crime. We need answers from the Central Sulawesi Regional Police," said Harsono Bareki.

In addition, Korlap also stressed that the alleged corruption of the Toli-Toli Regent, Mohamad Saleh Bantilan, was related to the alleged corruption of abuse of authority by the Bupati on the mining land of Oyom Village, Lampasio District.

Alleged corruption, collusion and nepotism (KKN) projects in the Toli-Toli District which were allegedly controlled by the Bupati's family, and Mohamad Saleh Bantilan's official trip.

In addition, KRAK also urged the Central Sulawesi High Prosecutor's Office to deal with corruption in reclamation work in Poso District.

Alleged corruption in road widening projects in the City of Poso for the 2017 and 2018 fiscal years with a total budget of approximately Rp. 60 billion. As well as suspected project monopolies in Poso Regency in 2027 and 2018.

Responding to the demands, the Central Java Sub-dept. Head of Public Relations for Public Relations, Kompol Sugeng Lestari, explained that handling corruption was the main case in the Morut Regency, the process still went on step by step. Both the construction of the DPRD building and the procurement or acquisition of land.

The case of land acquisition in Morut Regency is still constrained by land calculations. "The team calculates the land from the center. Until now, there has been no information about it. But we have written it," he admitted.

For news circulating in social media and media coverage, Kasubdit Penmas confirmed that the Morut Regent had been made a suspect is not true. Because the letter sent is still limited to the report.

Questioned about the difficulty of disclosing corruption cases carried out by local government officials in Central Sulawesi, Sugeng Lestari explained that as several reports were submitted to the Regional Police. But there is a priority scale for investigating other cases.

"The development of investigations into several cases of alleged corruption in several regions of Central Sulawesi will still be informed. We also feel uncomfortable because of this problem. It is easy for 2019 to be resolved," he promised.**

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