Integrated School for Disaster Victims

Source/editor: PR Sulteng / Ikhsan Madjido

SUKMA Bangsa Foundation and Media Group will build a One-Roof Integrated School for children victims of the earthquake, tsunami and liquefaction disasters from Donggala, Sigi and Palu.

"Children of disaster victims will be accommodated in this integrated school and will be organized and given scholarships," said Chairman of the Sukma Bangsa Foundation, Ahmad Badowi, during an audience with the Governor of Central Sulawesi on Monday (2/18/2019).

The concept of the school was built later to imitate the one-stop integrated school that had been built in Aceh Province.

To accelerate the realization of the construction of the school, said Ahmad Badowi, the Sukma Bangsa Foundation has coordinated the Regent of Donggala, Sigi and Mayor of Palu.

"We have coordinated to ensure the response of the regional government and also the provision of land for the construction of schools covering an area of ​​7 ha," he said.

The Media Group will finance the construction of this school and therefore it is expected that the Governor's support to be able to provide policies in the acceleration of school development is intended with the hope that by 2020 the School will be able to operate.

Central Sulawesi Governor H Longki Djanggola expressed his gratitude for the assistance that will be given by the Sukma Bangsa Foundation and the Media Group Indonesia in the construction of a one-stop Integrated School that will accommodate school children from Donggala, Sigi and Palu City with the concept of students in dermetory and awarded a scholarship.

The Governor requested that the provision of locations should be adjusted to the criteria set by the Sukma Bangsa Foundation and coordinating with the Provincial Government.

"The Provincial Government will provide support to accelerate the process of building an Integrated School with the regency and city governments of Palu, because the school is very much needed by the Central Sulawesi Provincial Government," Longki said.

Integrated schools are schools that are held in one complex and managed in an integrated manner both from the aspects of curriculum, learning, teachers, facilities and facilities, management, and evaluation, so that they become effective and quality schools.**

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