Not the Authority of the Governor Suspend Credit

Reporter: Firmansyah Lawawi

POSTPONEMENT OF Credit payments to banks for the public which impacts on disasters is not the authority of the governor.

The governor does not have the authority to issue a policy of delaying debt payments, because this is not the authority of the regional government.

This assertion was conveyed by the Central Sulawesi Provincial Secretary (Sekdaprov), Moh Hidayat Lamakarate before the demonstrators at the Provincial DPRD Office on Monday (11/2/2019).

However, according to him, his decision was at the level of the central government. "On November 30, 2018, we have accommodated the forum of disaster debtors by issuing letters and have sent them to the President of the Republic of Indonesia, regarding the abolition of debt. I own the draft letter. But the authority is in the central government," he said.

"What is certain is that we as a regional government will always be in front of the Central Sulawesi community. We can do what we can do and the government does not give any promises or guarantees related to it, not our authority. But we will try to facilitate related issues beyond our authority, "added the Sekprov.

Planned, today (Tuesday, 02/12/2019), the Regional Government will hold a meeting with the Central Sulawesi OJK Representative, Central Sulawesi Representative Office, Banking and FPPH at the Governor's office to discuss OJK Regulation No. 45 / POJK.03 / 2017 about Special Treatment of Credit or Bank Financing for Certain Areas in Indonesia Affected by Natural Disasters.

Protesters who are members of the Debt Bleaching Forum (FPPH) are demanding that the provincial government through the Governor issue a policy to postpone credit payments of at least 12 months to banks, as well as leasing institutions.

Based on the public reports that have affected the disaster, some banks and leasing only gave a time delay of credit payments of 3 to 6 months and at this time some of the related parties have begun to collect the debtors who have an impact.

"How can a society that has an impact on disasters improve or restore its economy within a period of 3 or 6 months," said the action coordinator.

Previously, the forum had sent a letter to all Banks and Leasing to suspend debt for three years. However, the parties submitted still reject this.

"We believe in the policies of regional governments that are capable and have authority in accommodating the suspension of debt to the public," he said.

One public observer regretted the demands of this forum without any prior consultation. "So it's a waste of time and energy to fight for something we ourselves don't know about the procedure," he said.

Meanwhile, it was known that one of the central legislators from Central Sulawesi, Akhmad H Ali, disagreed if the struggles were delivered with a show force, street and emotionally and angrily. "I will personally be together in the line of struggle of the victims. But I did not agree with show force, anger, and verbal abuse. We must prioritize non-litigation standing. We have to be smart, strong and right to bring victim data. I agree that the country must be present here,” he stressed.

Akhmad H Ali also did not face the statement of Vice President JK as Chair of the Disaster Task Force with the demands of Padagimo victims which had an impact on political sensitivity. "Rest assured we are fighting as the representatives of the people of Central Sulawesi in Jakarta. There is Mr. Maman, Pak Muhidin, we will all work together to fight, still long. Don't continue to conflict with the Vice President's statement with the victims,” he asked.**

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