Padagimo Credit Writing-off

Have been on the Table of DPR RI: Maman

Reportase: Ramdan otoluwa

AFTER THE Chairman of the Republic of Indonesia National Democratic Party (Nasdem), Akhmad MH Ali, received data on debtors victims of natural disasters in Palu, Sigi, Donggala and Parigi Moutong (Padagimo), then the member of Supervisory Agency for Disaster Management, Dr. Supratman Andi Agtas MH accepted the same from the Chairperson of the Padagimo Disaster Victims Forum, Andono Wibisono, on Tuesday (19/2/2019) yesterday.

Submission of debtor data by name by address, by credit, and the names of financial and banking institutions submitted by Andono Wibisono when Maman, the nickname of the Chairman of the DPR RI Legislative Board, was in Palu. ’'He happened to be in Palu, we used the meeting and conveyed the progress of the demands of the victims of the disaster in connection with the economic recovery in the disaster area from the victim debt restructuring aspect,” he explained. The data submitted as evidence that the debtor was the victim of the Padagimo disaster to ensure the Indonesian Parliament that the demands of the victims are real.

Maman himself asked victims of the disaster who aspired to the demand for the elimination of credit to remain patient and in control. Discussing the elimination of credit must be done by considering the ability of the state. However, he negated that the elimination of credit could be done. ‘’ Who says you can't? Can but don't be impatient. I convey that the credit elimination agenda has been discussed, '' explained the member of the Indonesian House of Representatives in Central Sulawesi from Gerindra.

Previously, a week ago the Chairperson of the Indonesian House of Representatives' Nasdem Faction who was also the son of Central Sulawesi, Akhmad M H Ali received the same data submitted by members of the Debtor Forum Presidium, Karman Karim SH. The data, according to Mat Sun - the familiar greeting of the Nasdem DPP General Treasurer, has been waiting for the Chairman of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Bambang Susatyo, to accept the debt whitening struggle forum. ‘’But thank God the data has been given by the debtor forum. We will bring this aspiration and other data we will wait for, 'Mat Ali's determination.

Digital data, on January 12, 2019 then, Maman has also provided information regarding the establishment of a disaster management supervisory board in Indonesia by the Indonesian Parliament. Supratman acknowledged that the elimination of credit for disaster victims in Indonesia such as Lombok, Central Sulawesi, Banten and Lampung was included in the agenda of the Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction Reconstruction Team of the Indonesian House chaired by Fahri Hamzah.

Almost, the issue of eliminating credit from disaster victims escaped the agenda. However, after the RDP in Commission IV, Maman - the nickname of Supratman Andi Agtas and the banking and financial services industry leaders, he requested a joint commission meeting between Commissions IV and VI, 'Specially also discussing the abolition of credit,' explained Jakarta.

According to the Chairperson of the DPR RI Legislative Body, he and the Disaster Management Supervisory Team will soon visit the disaster sites, including in Central Sulawesi. In addition to looking at the disaster handling process by the government, he also promised to invite the Pasigala Disaster Victims Forum for dialogue to deliver his aspirations to the DPR RI Supervisory Team.

He also promised to fight for the aspirations of the Pasigala community in relation to shelter, Huntap, the right to assistance for refugees and economic recovery by eliminating loans from disaster victims. ’'We will absorb all the aspirations of disaster victims, especially in Central Sulawesi,' he said.**

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