Rare BBM, Vehicles Queue at Gas Stations

Reporter: Firmansyah Lawawi
PREMIUM Type of fuel oil (BBM) began to be scarce in Palu City since the last few days. Until Tuesday (02/12/2019) yesterday afternoon, a long line of vehicles occurred in a number of gas stations in the city.

As seen in Imam Bonjol gas stations, Towua, Kartini, Gusti Ngurah Rai, and Maluku. As a result, the flow of traffic in the region has become congested. "Almost every day there is a line in the morning and evening, and this is a normal thing, it's just that today, Tuesday, there is indeed a long line," said the rental car driver, Aco, Tuesday (02/12/2019).

He said, the drivers always took into account the time of filling the fuel, usually morning until 10:00 CEST, then afternoon starting at 3:00 p.m. "The most troublesome are two-wheeled vehicles, always the officers say they are used up or are empty, and this happens in almost all gas stations in Palu City," he said.

One of the motorcycle taxi drivers who parked at the Maluku SPBU location, when confirmed, admitted he had difficulty getting premium. "Wow, almost I don't want to talk anymore Mangge, there are three gas stations that I went to buy premiums, the answers are always received, the gasoline is empty," he said.

He also said that retail gasoline traders in the city of Palu still sell gasoline at a price of Rp10,000 /one-liter size bottle. "Is there a special arrangement between retail retailers of gasoline and officers at certain gas stations so that sales for retailers remain smooth," he said.

The Maluku SPBU officer, who was reluctant to be told, said the queue was caused by the empty fuel stock at other stations.

"Sorry, I don't want to talk further. Because it is not my authority. The Maluku SPBU manager is still out. If you want detailed data, please go directly to the Pertamina office in Central Sulawesi," he said.

But he said, for Maluku gas stations themselves. Petalite fuel stocks still exist. "Our BBM Pertalite is still available. But it is limited. It is possible that the supply can last until tonight," he admitted.

The manager of Towua gas station and Gusti Ngurah Rai were reluctant to comment on the scarcity of fuel. "Sorry, we are still an internal meeting. If you want to get detailed information, please contact Pertamina," he explained.

Similar things were also expressed by Touwa gas station. "Until now, we are still waiting for the distribution of fuel from the Pertamina depot. Regarding the current empty stock, please contact Pertamina," he said.

Not yet known exactly the cause of the scarcity of premium fuel in the city of Palu. Until this news was made, there was no confirmation regarding this matter from Pertamina.

"Sorry, at the moment I am still on vacation with my family," said Pertamina Region, Central Sulawesi, Haris through his cell phone.**

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