Reclamation Threatens Sombori Island Ecosystem

Reporter/Morowali: bambang sumantri

NOWADAYS, in Morowali District, Central Sulawesi Province, it is bloomed of beach reclamation by mining companies that have strong allegations without permission, such as AMDAL, UPL / UKL, and others. The rise of coastal reclamation of mining companies, especially in the Bungku Pesisir District, Morowali District. Ironically, some mining industry companies that do not have a smelter continue to carry out mining and reclamation activities to produce special business docks (DUK).

This fact saddened the General Chairman of Sombori Diving Club (SDC) Morowali, Kasmudin when passing in the village of Buleleng, Bungku Pesisir District. He explained, the mangrove ecosystem that used to be lush, dense and green, was now in ruins, the sea became red mud due to the massive reclamation.

"We hope that as an environmental and conservation observer institution, especially the coastal region, implore very much, so that the Morowali Regency Government and the Provincial Government, especially the Forestry, Mining, and Environment Agency immediately conduct a review and investigation into the Bungku Pesisir, before the damage gets worse," Kasmudin said.

He also said that one of the dozens of functions of the mangrove ecosystem, coral reefs, seagrass beds, which are an inseparable entity, has the most important role, namely the detention of tsunami waves and coastal abrasion, moreover, the damage radius has approached Morowali's mainstay tourism area, namely Sombori Island.

"If there is no immediate action taken by the regional government, then Sombori will be left with a memory, the Morowali Regional Government should provide a solution and strict action, at least reforestation of deforested forests which primarily replace damage to coral reefs and mangroves with locations not far from those activities. so that citizens' anxiety is no longer a social conflict and also minimizes continuous pollution, "he explained.

Kasmudin revealed, his agency was ready to go down if there was an afforestation action with related agencies to restore the damaged natural ecosystems in the region. He explained the rules regarding reclamation in the river and lake port areas can be seen in the Minister of Transportation Regulation Number PM 52 of 2011 concerning Dredging and Reclamation (Permenhub No. 52 of 2011) as last amended by the Minister of Transportation Regulation Number PM 136 of 2015 concerning the Second Amendment Ministerial regulation.**

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