Donggala not Rich, Kasman Buy Alphard


DONGGALA IS Categorized as an underdeveloped area in Central Sulawesi Province. The oldest regency in Central Sulawesi together with Parigi Moutong which blooms from Donggala, including underdeveloped areas based on the BPS release per February 2019.

Although classified as a disadvantaged area, the Regent, Kasman Lassa, now has a white Toyota Alphard type car purchased at the beginning of 2019.

The purchase of the national car also coincided with the disaster recovery period after the cities of Palu, Donggala and Sigi were hit by earthquakes, tsunamis and liquefaction on September 28, 2018.

Based on the PaluPoso search, Tuesday (03/12/2018), the budget for the purchase of Alphard cars was sourced from the Donggala Regency Regional Budget (APBD) which was not included in the discussion of the Donggala Regency DPRD Budget Body (Banggar).

The ceiling for the purchase of luxury vehicles reached more than Rp 1 billion, while the market in Toyota's show room dealerships, the price is around Rp 950 million.

One observer of Donggala, Anil Syamsudin, regretted that the purchase of luxury vehicles was considered 
to be a waste of budget for needs that were not too important.

"The procurement of new official cars is redundant and does not need to be done in the midst of poor infrastructure development in Donggala," Anil said on Wednesday (03/13/2019).

The reason is that there are still many inter-village connecting roads and bridges in the Donggala regency that are classified as ugly and not yet worthy of being passed by a luxury official vehicle like the Alphard.
The purchase of luxury cars is also considered to hurt the hearts of the people. In Donggala there are still many people who live in the midst of poverty, while their officials are in fact relaxing with their luxury cars.
"The procurement of luxury cars is not urgent in the midst of the condition of road and bridge infrastructure which is still underdeveloped, what else do we know that Donggala has been hit by the earthquake and tsunami disaster," he said.

Many social problems in Donggala are still far more feasible than budget luxury cars.

"Official vehicles that were only a few years earlier were still very feasible to support the operation of the Donggala Regent," he said.

Chairman of the Central Sulawesi Corruption Monitoring Agency, Tamsil, was asked for his response saying, for the first time in Central Sulawesi, district head officials at the regent level level used Toyota Alphard official vehicles with police number DN 1 B, meaning official car of Donggala Regent Kasman Lassa. "Of course this is a public conversation," he said.

According to him, the Donggala Regent bought the Alphard official car with a quite fantastic budget, does not reflect the simplicity and condition of Donggala Regency which is still said to be not perfect in terms of the economy. Moreover, the condition of Donggala is still classified as a disadvantaged area in Central Sulawesi Province.

One of the members of the Donggala Regency DPRD Banggar, Asegaf, was met in one of the Jakarta regional police offices not yet willing to comment further on purchasing the Toyota Alpard regent official car. But he admitted, the budget for the purchase of Toyota Alpard official cars was not discussed in the budget submission in the Budget Board (Banggar) of the Donggala Regency DPRD.
"I'm a member of Banggar, we don't discuss it," he said.

For more details, Asegaf suggested meeting the Chairperson of the Donggala DPRD. "It is better to confirm the chairman of the House," he said.

Actually Asegaf said, there was a schedule for the planned hearing in relation to the purchase of the Toyota Alphard official car. But until now it has not been implemented. "The letter has not yet been filed, I'll let you know," he said.

The officials invited to attend the hearing were officials from the Donggala District Regional Financial and Asset Management Agency (BPKAD), and a number of other parties involved in purchasing the Alphard car.

The information that PaluPoso collected in the Donggala Regency DPRD, indeed there was a discussion of the purchase of official cars by the Donggala DPRD, but not for the Donggala Regent. But the official car of the Head of Donggala Bappeda, Rustam Efendi.

The Regional Secretary of Donggala Regency, Aidil Nur, confirmed that the matter claimed not to know. "I don't know, sir, it's better if we meet sir," he said via SMS or short message on Thursday (03/14/2019).**

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