Shifting Waste to Gold

Efforts to Promote Cleanness and Financial Literacy

Source /Editor: PR Central Sulawesi / Ikhsan Madjido

THE OPERATION Of the gold waste bank is not only to increase public interest in maintaining the cleanliness of the environment, but the results of residents' waste deposits can be saved in gold savings which indirectly help financial literacy to citizens.

"Because the results of processing waste will be converted into an use value (gold savings)," said the General Administration, Law and Organization Muliono, SE. Ak, MM while representing the governor at the inauguration of The Gade Clean and Gold waste bank on Wednesday (03/06/2019), in Duyu Village.

With this facility, he also invited Duyu residents to contribute so that Palu, the capital of Central Sulawesi 
Province, would be cleaner, more beautiful and free of garbage.

"It is hoped that the BUMNs, other institutions will follow the pawnshop steps in an effort to fight waste," he added.

Turning waste into gold is a Clean-Up Pawnshop Program that has been carried out in 16 cities in Indonesia.

The Gade Clean and Gold Palu is the 17th of the target of 59 banks planned to be spread in other major cities in Indonesia.

According to President Director of PT Pegadaian (Persero), Kuswiyoto, with the existence of this Waste Bank, all local communities can enjoy the benefits of the Clean-Up Pawnshop Program, where people can later convert household waste into gold savings.

"The community will be given knowledge on how to sort waste properly and correctly, so that it can later be exchanged for gold. "The process starts with the selection of garbage taken from household waste, divided by organic or inorganic types," Kuswiyoto said.

The garbage that can be deposited in advance is in the form of plastic, cans, cartons and other inorganic materials.

The process is also quite easy. According to him the garbage collected will be processed and divided into types of waste. Then the garbage will go through the process of depositing, weighing, calculating, and until the final stage the results of weighing into gold savings.

"People were shy to be scavengers. But with this garbage bank, plastic waste is of economic value and provides income for the community, "Kuswiyoto said.

In addition to sorting waste into gold, the Gade Clean and Gold Program can create a clean and healthy environment. So that it can improve the health and welfare of people's lives and reduce the impact of environmental waste.

"To support this program, Pegadaian will provide equipment and construction of waste banks, 2 waste motorbike units, Sharia Pegadaian wisdom funds in the form of a sound system for Al-Ikhsan Mosque, funds for Sharia Pawnshop policies in the form of free basic needs for shelter refugees, and bina environment in the form of 200 tree seeds, "he explained.

Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor of Palu Sigit Purnomo Said said that he greatly appreciated the Clean-Up Pawnshop Program. According to him the program can increase public awareness of the environment. Not only that, according to him, this program can also improve the economic sector of the community, because the garbage collected can be turned into gold.

"I really appreciate this program. This Clean-Up Pawnshop Program can make the active community more active in protecting the environment by collecting garbage, then the garbage is converted into gold savings, if later the savings have been collected, the community needs in Duyu Village can be fulfilled," Sigit said.

The Government of Palu City, said Sigit Purnomo, promised to integrate the garbage bank with a city cleaning program, namely dig gasa which had been rolling since 2 years ago.**

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