City Council Denies Receiving Funds of Rp2 billion

@Palu IV bridge
Reporter: Firmansyah Lawawi

A MEMBER OF The Commission B of the Palu DPRD, Alimudin H Alibau, denied rumors that the Palu DPRD was overstretched by the debt repayment fund construction of the Palu IV bridge.

Some time ago the Palu City Government (Pemkot) has paid the remaining debt for the cost of the Palu IV bridge construction project that has collapsed due to this earthquake, approximately Rp14 billion to PT Global Daya Manunggal (GDM) in 2019.

There are rumors that the Palu DPRD gets Rp2 billion from the total debt repayment.

Alimudin H Alibau, Wednesday (10/4/2019) confirmed that as representatives of the people were not aware of the alleged flow of funds. "I clarify that personally I have never received the Rp2 billion in funds," he said.

He asked the authorities to trace the alleged flow of funds within the Palu DPRD.

"If it is proven that I received funds from PT Global, I am ready to be examined by the authorities," he admitted.

He said he did not want to speak context individually if the alleged flow of funds to the DPRD. "I do not want to speak individually if it is suspected that there is a flow of funds into the scope of the Palu DPRD," he explained.

He explained, the repayment of the remaining debts of the IV bridge construction which had been destroyed by natural disasters, had been through a Supreme Court decision which was won by the developer of PT GDM.

So that through a coordination meeting with Forkopimda and the municipal government of Palu, finally paying off the debt.**

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