Liquefaction Victims Ready Participating in Election

Reportage: Firmansyah Lawawi

OF Liquefaction victims at the shelter sport center in Balaroa said they were ready to face the General Election on Wednesday, April 17 2019.

Earthquake and liquefaction have a major impact on society. Loss of residence, loss of land, employment, family and siblings have an impact on the mental, psychological and community concentration.

The challenges of life are quite difficult faced by the community, especially the victims of the earthquake and the faction in the refugee camp. Not to mention, at the location of the evacuation the victims had to face difficulties in getting water.
But this does not dampen the spirit of the victims of this five-yearly democratic party.

"17 voted, oh yeah, so it must be," said the shelter coordinator at Balaroa Village, Agus Ananta, Saturday (04/13/2019).

"General elections are the first step in determining the fate of the nation in the future, from that we can choose leaders who can change the direction of policies that are in favor of the interests and welfare of the people," he added.

According to Agus, even though he was also a victim of liquidation, he would not do abstention in the election, because he would waste the trust and responsibility for the future of the nation.

The same thing was expressed by Usman (60 years) according to him, doing abstention is a reflection of the inability to carry out responsibility for the survival of the nation.

"I who are old and live in shortcomings and limitations of all needs in this tent are still very enthusiastic about voting, because as a religious people, it is a mandate that must be held and channeled. This is one form of accountability in the hereafter," he said .

After walking down the aisle in a neat line, Kali Post encountered several residents who were chatting with one another.

Yusuf (23) works as a mixed goods trader at the Manonda market. He admitted that although all the important files and lost ID cards with his house on Puring Perumnas Balaroa street, did not dampen his desire to channel his voting rights in the April 17 election.

"Even though the only clothes left on his body when he escaped from Likuefaksi, but the government did compensate in managing the lost documents, such as KK and KTP. Likewise with the electoral committee, although most of them were just certificates. to take part in the election determines a better future for the nation, "he said.

Another survivor, Ruwaidah (50 years old), a Kenanga road resident who lost his son and all his property when Likuefaksi said that since he lost everything, he lost his enthusiasm for life, only two twin girls, Fitria and Fatria (14 years) who still gave him the power to live in refugee camps.

While her husband a few months ago left him and her children.

"To vote, I keep following him, because the place to vote is near here too," he said.

In the same place, Ratih (29 years old) who now has to live in a refugee camp after Likufaksi at Perumnas Balaroa swallowed the house and his brother said he would follow and channel his voting rights in the upcoming elections.

"It must be, by going to the polling station, it can at least reduce the burden of life by chatting and gathering together with other refugees, so it can relieve stress," he said with a sweet smile.

In a separate place but still in the vicinity of the shelter of Balaroa Village, Firman (47) a rather stocky man who now opened a small business as a rice trader at the place, after the natural disaster sank his house on Jalan Seruni Perumnas Balaroa, with a friendly smile saying himself and his wife will continue to vote in the April 17 elections.

"Give it up if you don't vote, it will also determine the future of all of us, for the presidential candidate that I will choose, the secret," he explained with a smile.**

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