Extortion, Calhaj Protest Central Sulawesi Ministry of Religion

Reporter: John Clemens

A DAUGHTER OF One of the victims of the prospective pilgrims, Ita Purnamasari, went to the Central Sulawesi Office of the Ministry of Religion (Kemenag).

Ita, representing her mother, let's say Mrs. Ijar came along with two friends demonstrating for the injustices carried out by the Ministry of Religion (Kemenag) of the City of Palu.

Ita, who is also the Korlap, said that amid the system of registration and repayment of regular Hajj reportedly embracing a system of transparency and fairness, there are still gaps to practice buying and selling of Hajj quotas.

The Indonesian Hajj quota, continued Ita, is increasingly scarce, because the Government of Saudi Arabia cut Indonesia's hajj quota by 20 percent from the normal quota. As a result, fertilizing the practice of buying and selling hajj seats in the Ministry of Religion (Kemenag).

"Allegedly there has been an extortion and sale and purchase of the Hajj quota as in the case of 2018 ago. I was a child victim of a failed Hajj pilgrimage who was sent to Hajj. Even though my parents as prospective Hajj pilgrims were eligible for departure. Plus he was in good health and paying it has been paid off but until now it has not yet been dispatched," she said in his speech on Friday (05/03/2019).

Strangely enough, she said, there were not enough 5-year pilgrims for the pilgrimage departure conditions to have departed earlier. It is possible that behind this case there has been an extortion and the sale and purchase of the Hajj quota within the Ministry of Religion. This case was charged with Law No. 20 of 2001 concerning the eradication of criminal acts of corruption.

This legal standing in the country is as if only the rich can go on the pilgrimage, because they can pay more for the departure of the pilgrimage to be deposed. Therefore, I, as a child of the victim, demanded that stop the sale and purchase of the hajj quota, stop extortion from the Hajj congregation, disband the Ministry of Religion.

"Because my parents' name was deposed, because there was an extortion from the regional office or the Ministry of Religion who received bribes for people who did not fit the registration so that my parents were deposed. Yesterday in the area I knew all that on behalf of my parents I would be departed. "

"We have even seen yesterday being kicked out that my mother's name is also there, but when we saw that there was an extortion suddenly my mother's names dissapeared, but it wasn't until my mother arrived at the Great Mosque. When it arrived "My mother will be embarrassed, had dragged and dragged it with the suitcase, it was very embarrassing," she explained disappointed, when interviewed by this media. **

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