Givu for Hoax Spreaders

Reportase: Ikhsan Madjido
THE RISE OF Hoaxes in the community has become a concern lately. The latest hoax news has issued that the Central Sulawesi Governor, Longki Djanggola, is funding the people power movement. Various responses and reactions were expressed by a number of parties who did not accept this.

One of the Kaili traditional leaders, M. Irwan Parampasi, did not accept and condemn the action.

"The spread of false news, must be followed up by the adat council, to be processed according to adat. In order to be a learning for people who deliberately make and disseminate false information, "he said, in Palu, Tuesday (05/21/2019).

Irwan Parampasi asked the adat council to impose customary sanctions (givu) on the hoax news disseminator. Do not get to, more people who carry out such acts are not commendable.

"This is a social punishment for hoax spreaders and is a lesson and deterrent effect for irresponsible people. That action is not dignified at all. It's a shame for the Governor of Central Sulawesi and the Kaili community," he blurted out.

According to him, the hoax news disseminator is included in the category of Sala Mbivi or error due to speech and actions that are not commendable.

With givu nuada, he added, various problems in people's lives can be solved based on traditional values ​​and norms that apply in the City of Palu.

"That way, the speech, behavior and arbitrary actions of each individual or group always create a atmosphere of harmony, mutual cooperation and mutual respect in community life," he explained.

Separately, Governor Longki Djanggola strongly agreed to implement Givu, but according to him the perpetrators must be punished positively, namely the ITE Law.

"If it's only used, it's not in prison. That's not enough," he said.

Longki asked the perpetrators to be investigated and tried. "Ok, I agree very much. It means that we have to wait for the court's decision that they are indeed slanderous hoaxes," he said.**

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