Governor Examined Three Hours

Reporter: Yohanes Clemens

GOVERNOR Longki Djanggola yesterday (05/20/2019) was examined by investigators for three hours in his room. The Governor was accompanied by the provincial legal counsel and several Gerindra DPD lawyers. Monitoring of the Governor was examined using Korpri batik clothes and black peci by several police investigators. Longki was taken as the reporter of a hoax case that profited his name as governor in a 'edited newspaper' looks like Mercusuar newspaper under the title ‘Governor Longki Djanggola Costing People Power.

According to the provincial government spokesman, Karo Public Relations and protocol, Governor Haris Kariming Longki complained about several names alleged to have spread hoaxes, and were provocative. The hoax caused a community vulnerability due to the utterances of hatred, slander, and damage to the dignity of the Provincial Government's relationship with the Press in Central Sulawesi. "This has violated, the ITE Violation Law and Defamation, and it will be developed by the investigation. There are a number of initials we report, namely, DQ, MH, and YB. And for the profession, 1 politician, and the two profiles cannot on Facebook, "said Haris.

So, continued Haris, of the three people it was clearly suspected that it was very active in spreading the hoax to WAG group media, Facebook and so on. "The provincial attorney will also report on this, from the Gerindra Regional Representative Council, elements of the community and also the Lighthouse newspaper. We explained to the Regional Police investigators, why some of these elements must report directly, because the capacity of Longki Djanggola is attached to the position of Governor and Chairperson of the DPD. Gerindra Central Sulawesi, "he explained.

Hence, said Haris, from the Provincial Government reported. ‘’ If not, we will be assessed by the community, how come the leader has been slandered, defended in social media, but just kept quiet. Because, the capacity of Longki Djanggola is the Governor. While from the Gerindra Party, the attorney's team will report as well, because it has been slandered, because, Longki is also his capacity as the Chairperson of the Gerindra Regional Representative Council. There is a psychological burden that we will endure if we are not serious, then we and some elements are determined to unite with the hashtag without mercy. Clean up hoaxes from Central Sulawesi, "he said.

On the other hand, Deputy Secretary of DPD Gerindra Central Sulawesi, Moukhtar Mahyuddin, said that his party reported several people, especially the initials YB. “As reported there are three that spread it. We report because, Longki Djanggola has been linked to the issue of people power, certainly when issues of people power are related to politics. That's why we reported the three of them to the Regional Police. ' 

"What we detected, that using an official account is only YB. And we cannot confirm the others, because, after we report the account has been closed. YB even uses the telephone number he uses in the WhatsApp group," he concluded. **

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