IAIN No Longer Studying in Emergency Classes

Reporter: Ikhsan Madjido
STUDENTS OF The State Islamic Institute (IAIN) in Palu, will no longer study in emergency classes after the earthquake and tsunami struck the campus on September 28, 2018.

"Yes, God Willing, lectures will no longer take place in emergency classes," said Deputy Rector of IAIN for Public Administration, Finance and Planning, Dr. Kamaruddin, in Palu IAIN, Wednesday (05/29/2019). PR IAIN reports.

Kamaruddin said, the lack of class due to the damage caused by the earthquake and tsunami disaster, is now slowly being overcome by IAIN Palu involving the government and state-owned enterprises.

Whereas, he said, currently the work to rehabilitate the SBSN lecture building damaged by the tsunami is almost complete and can be used for lectures in the near future.

"The first floor of the building, in the near future or after Eid al-Fitr, may already be utilized for the lecture process," he said.

Not only on the first floor, the entire building which was built with the cost of a three-storey State Syaria Securities (SBSN) with a capacity of approximately 54 classes, has been used for the lecture process.

"All facilities for supporting academic activities became our focus after the disaster hit IAIN Palu. We strive to provide good academic services, who are competent to support the achievement of quality, quality and academic competitiveness post-disaster," Kamaruddin said.

The State Islamic Institute (IAIN) of Palu, rehabilitating buildings and other facilities affected by the tsunami disaster of approximately Rp. 30 billion, comes from the State Budget (APBN).

"The rehabilitation is only to restore the function of the tsunami-affected building," he said.

Kamaruddin stated that all technical arrangements were managed directly by the central government through the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing.

"We, IAIN Palu only accept the results of the rehabilitation. Indeed, we propose to the central government to do rehabilitation of buildings and facilities affected by the tsunami," he said. **

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