Increase Student Achievement: Dr. Sagaf

Reporter: Yohanes Clemens

DEPUTY Rector for Student Affairs of Tadulako University (Untad), Dr. Ir Sagaf, M Si, revealed that nationally one of the standards for the assessment of Higher Education (PT) is from academic achievement and student achievement. Hence, Untad in the future will try to improve student achievement, by encouraging the implementation of student activities.

Dr. Sagaf, said that Untad in carrying out its main duties and functions has standards that must be met. This refers to the tri dharma of Higher Education, education, research and service. Student activities are included in the realization of the university's tri dharma.

"Therefore, this is a challenge for me going forward, how much student achievement, both in performance as Untad's quality, and as a national echo. Until now I see, there are still those who have not matched, even though there has been an increase, this problem is an external and internal problem that must be addressed in the future," said this newly appointed Student Vice Rector, when met in his office on Monday (06 / 05/2019).

According to him, the first step that might be taken to improve student academic achievement starts from internal improvements, by making improvements to the mechanism of the field of student affairs, flow of activities, and improving student activities.

"Of course, the initial approach that will be taken is to approach the achievements and interests of student talents, to become a reference in the field of student activities such as what needs to be pushed forward. Early detection of achievements, interests and talents of students, as well as the selection and guidance system, finally the infrastructure facilities that will be prioritized in the future. "

"Between academic achievement and non-academic achievement, students must be balanced. Because, if prominent achievements in the field of student activities, but not prominent in academic achievement, it is tantamount to lying. Because, parallel assessments, namely racing for achievement in the academic field and racing for achievement in the field student activities," he concluded.**

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