Internet Trouble, 67 people not able go Umrah

Reportase: Yohanes clemens
A TOTAL OF 67 people from Palu and surroundings in Central Sulawesi threatened to not be able to go Umrah in the middle of the holy month of Ramadan 1440 Hijriah. This was due to the fact that the service at the Immigration Office in Palu City until yesterday had not been able to issue a parpor which had been administratively completed at the post office and giro.

One of the residents, H Moh Ali, told Kaili Post yesterday (05/16/2019) that he and his family planned to hold an umroh service in early June. All requirements of the travel bureau have been completed. Even the payment of parpor through the Post and Giro office, he said.

Supposedly, said Moh Ali, Monday 13 May 2019 then, according to the terms of the passport payment already issued. However, until Thursday 16 May 2019 yesterday, he was upset because his parpor had not yet been issued.

“The reasons for the Immigration are better application changes. But the reality has not yet been published,’’ he explaine in Masjid Raya Lolu. He and his family said they were upset about the service.

While on the other hand, Head of the Immigration Office in Class 1 of Palu, Suparman, refused that his party was slowing down the passport publishing service. This is solely because of the telecom connectivity network services that are negligent, Telkomsel. "We admit that maybe our Telkomsel network is not commensurate with the needs so it's slow. Not because the server uses the second version of the system, 'explained when confirmed.

With the second version of the system, instead the service will be improved. Namely the Palu Immigration network is connected to the Dukcapil. Thus, when the name of the applicant is referred to, he will connect the data with the Dukcapil. For example, Suparman said, if the KTP used is fake, the system will refuse. "We immediately cancel if there is data that is incompatible with Dukcapil. That's the advantage of the second version and its features are more detailed, the goal is clear, '' said Suparman.

"This is an obstacle, but there are those who have submitted but are still at the photo stage, there are also those who arrived at the entry stage and this is what we are still waiting for. Hopefully in the near future it can be used. Yesterday was good. Yesterday arrived 30 applicants immediately finished everything, but today it is stuck again, there are still problems in the network, '' he continued.

He also refused to have as many as 67 prospective Umrah pilgrims who had not yet registered. According to 30s data, it was only an addition from last year which was not departed and this year departed. "Therefore, we apologize for the current service, and maybe the people who submitted the password but not yet smoothly, immediately we will contact again through their respective cellphones," he concluded.**

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