Japan Helps IDR 600M Build Tsunami Levees

Reporter: Firmansyah Lawawi

TOTAL Assistance from the Japan International Corporate Agency (JICA) for the construction of the Tsunami barrier embankment for Palu City of Rp.

This was revealed by the Head of Palu's Bappeda data and information, Ibnu Munzir, Monday (05/27/2019).

"In the budgeting of JICA, a total budget of IDR 600 billion was stated for the construction of the Tsunami barrier embankment in the bay of Palu. It was also stated in the document issued by Bapenas," he explained.

But according to him, the budget estimate has not been calculated in detail. "The cost of the organizer influences the structure or model of the building itself." Until now there has been no change in the total budget in the document, "said Ibn Munzir.

Responding to the progressive polemic between the construction of the Tsunami containment embankment or the planting of mangroves along Palu Bay, Ibnu explained that after the Libu Ntodea dialogue a few days ago, he still considered the best.

"In this case, it is not looking for the best or not. But it is already in the stage of looking for collaborations which are suitable to be applied. But also the need for a combination of the two patterns," he explained.

He added, from the results of a dialogue between the Palu City Government and experts, Mangrove Bay could be planted in Palu Bay. But not all areas can be planted with these trees. "There are certain areas in the Bay of Pau that can be planted with mangrove trees or mangroves," he said.

Of course, some spots or areas that can be planted with Mangroves, said Ibnu, need to be reviewed.

"However, from the dialogue, it has been pursued to save people or rescue the people of Palu. From this there are also three alternatives. That is through the conservation approach, in this case Mangrove tree planting, civil engineering patterns in the construction of the Tsunami barrier and using stone systems nature. That's the three things that developed in the dialogue yesterday," he said.

Departing from this, said Ibnu, of course there will be a study and an assessment of which one is applied. "In this case, the point is to prioritize the level of community safety in Palu. In the end those who enjoy it are our grandchildren. But certainly two patterns will be applied. That is the conservation approach or mangrove planting in front of it and civil engineering or the construction of the Tsunami barrier "he admitted.

The plan is also, continued Ibnu Munzir, the structure of construction of the Tsunami barrier embankment can be passed by four-wheeled vehicles. But the vehicle must not stop, or use a freeway pattern.

Besides that, the dike building system is multilevel. "Besides being able to pass four-wheeled vehicles. In that place also made recreational spots for the community and UMKM stands," he explained.

The progress of the construction is still being studied or revised in the spatial and regional plans. "Certainly the revised RT / RW was carried out first. Because it affected the changes in the pattern of spatial structure," he explained. **

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