Indispliner ASN, Postpone promotion

Reporter: Firmansyah Lawawi

A HOLIDAY On the Idul Fitri 1440 Hijri, has ended. The first day of work the Palu City Inspectorate carried out a sudden inspection (inspection) to a number of offices.

From inspection on Monday (6/10/2019), there were two State Civil Apparatus (ASN) absent without a certificate.

The head of the Palu city inspectorate, Didi Bakran, stressed that the two ASNs who were absent or without information were not in the work place were threatened with staffing sanctions.

Sanctions include delays in promotions and periodic salary delays. "Today we are given the responsibility to conduct inspection in four agencies. It turns out that there are still non-compliance ASNs. The two ASNs work for the Palu DPRD Secretariat and Anuta Pura Hospital. After this the sanctions will be processed," he admitted .

According to him, the total ASN that was not present on the first day of the four institutions carried out inspection by his party amounted to six people. Some of them have written permits. Among them are permission for pain and grief.

"For a letter of grief because his brother died, he was at the Palu Kesbangpol office. He was still given compensation, because it involved our mutual tolerance," he said.

Four government agencies were assigned by him, said Didi Bakran, the Secretariat of the DPRD Palu, Kesbangpol, Tatanga District Office and Anuta Pura General Hospital.

For honorary workers who did not enter that day, the Head of the Palu Inspectorate admitted that he would still be sanctioned.

"For honorary workers who do not enter work without a certificate, they will also be given sanctions. They can be issued from their institutions. But the decision is submitted to each OPD," he explained

He added, the number of violations this year was not too significant. But there is still an ASN that is indispliner. "Even though the circulars have been notified. But there are still ASNs that do not obey the rules," he said.

In the future, the Palu City government will further improve the inspection of the ASN who do not want to comply with the rules set by the government. "The edepanya will be improved at least," he admitted.

98 Percent ASN Central Sulawesi Provincial Government Present
Meanwhile, the Provincial Government (Pemprov) of Central Sulawesi (Central Sulawesi) made a sudden inspection (sidak) of the presence of state civil servants (ASN) in the scope of work on the first day of work after the Eid holiday or Eid 1440 Hijri, Monday (10/06/2019) .

The inspection process for all regional organizations (OPD) of the Central Sulawesi Provincial Government was carried out by four teams.

Team I was led by Central Sulawesi Provincial Secretary (Sekprov) Mohammad Hidayat Lamakarate, team II led by Economic and Development Administrative Assistant Elim Somba, team III Mulyono General Administrative, Legal and Organizational Assistant and team IV led Siti Norma Marjanu, Government Staff and Politics.

In the inspection, it was known that the presence of ASN and honorary employees of the Central Sulawesi Provincial Government reached 98 percent.

The ASNs who did not attend varied, starting from those who were sick, grief and even without information.

Central Sulawesi Sekprov Mohammad Hidayat Lamakarate stressed that the ASN and honorary staff members were not present on the first day of work after the Eid holiday without information so that the Regional Personnel Agency gave strict sanctions.

"Those who are not present with sick information to ascertain the truth. If it is not true, so that more strict sanctions are given according to the applicable law, "he said, who was also accompanied by the Head of the Central Sulawesi BKD.

Sekprov also said that the ASN and honorary staff members who had failed but were not given strict sanctions would be a bad lesson in the future, so that the ASN and honorary staff did not comply with the provisions.

From the inspection, it was found the presence of ASN and honorary in the scope of the Central Sulawesi Provincial Government with quite encouraging results, namely at each OPD there was 98 percent attendance.

Even the presence of civil servants and honorary attendees reaches 100%, which is found in the Central Sulawesi ESDM Office.

Sekprov Hidayat Lamakarate thanked ASN for their attendance and compliance on time.

He hopes that he can continue to improve the discipline and performance of the Central Sulawesi Provincial Government's ASN.

Sekprov also apologized to all ASNs if there were policies that were not in line with expectations.
On that occasion, Governor Longki Djanggola through the Sekprov stated that he had forgiven the entire ASN and officials in his working area for the Eid al-Fitr atmosphere.**

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