Mine & Flood, for Whom?

Jalan Putus saat Banjir Parah Melanda di Sejumlah Wilayah Morowali

editor / journalist / source: andono wibisono
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MOROWALI Regency, Central Sulawesi Province is the worst affected district of floods so far this year, after the area of ​​Sigi Bangga Village and its surroundings in early 2019. Because almost all sub-districts in Morowali Regency experienced flooding to adult breasts.

According to the Central Sulawesi Mining Advocacy Network (Jatam), the cause of the overall flood in Morowali District, due to mining activities in the upper reaches of the river. Thus the Executive Director of Jatam (9/6), Syahrudin Ariestal Douw, whose release was submitted to the public. He said there were three causes of flooding in a number of areas in Morowali.

First, he said, the mining industry was the main cause of the floods in Morowali. Then second, the government neglected to see environmental safety. As a result, permits are issued exceeding the carrying capacity of the environment.

Furthermore, he said, flooding is the entrance for law enforcement institutions to take action against mining companies and conduct an evaluation so that the permits whose numbers are still in the hundreds of numbers in Morowali Regency are only two or three permits left. "We urge the government to immediately evaluate the mine seriously and openly," he said. So far, he said, the government is not serious in handling mines. It seems that there are no regular reports to the public. "Any company licenses are revoked and any new company is granted permission," explained Syahrudin.

Then, the indicator of flooding that almost occurred in all sub-districts, he added, indicates that flooding was usually only in one place, but now evenly distributed. This is a sign that there is an indication that there is activity to destroy the forest upstream.

Furthermore, he said, the public such as NGOs were never directly involved in the evaluation, so evaluation tools were not transparent.

He added, the government should not only pursue regional income (PAD) without regard to environmental aspects. If the logic is to pursue PAD. He said, just sell this area to investors. But if the goal is the welfare and safety of people's lives, an evaluation must be carried out.

The issue of handling the flood disaster in Morowali, Head of Central Sulawesi BPBD, Bartholomeus Tandigala claimed to have sent two aid trucks. The first truck contains tents, mattresses, blankets and raincoats. While the second truck contains a rapid reaction team (TRC). BPBD did not send food aid because it was according to the request of Morowali Regency BPBD (10/06/2019) which was quoted from antaranews.com.

The current question is whether the mining activities in Morowali have had a positive impact on the community around the mine, the general public in the area. The positive impact could be called Jatam Sulteng, a matter of environmental safety and improving community welfare due to mining activities. Who benefits the most?

The flood disaster was almost evenly felt by the people of Morowali, of course, it had an impact. Both material losses, land, livestock, agriculture and captured fishermen in the region. Moreover, the results of several media reports mention that the loss of the Morowali flood disaster also damaged a number of infrastructures which are the responsibility of the central government, namely the Trans Sulawesi road from Morowali to Konawe, Southeast Sulawesi.

IMIP Deploy Heavy Equipment to Handle Flood
PT Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park has since yesterday deployed a number of heavy equipment vehicles to handle landslides at a number of points due to the floods that have occurred since three days ago.

The deployment of heavy equipment vehicles is also to drain flood water in order to immediately recede.

"The PT IMIP team is currently trying hard to fix avalanches at a number of points by deploying heavy equipment vehicles to drain water," said Senior Vice President of PT IMIP, Slamet Panggabean in Morowali, Tuesday (11/6/2019).

According to Slamet, in addition to the deployment of heavy equipment vehicles, the IMIP team in the field was also working on making temporary crossing rafts on the Dampala bridge which had been cut off due to a flood. It is expected that the construction of the crossing raft can be finished immediately so that the crossing towards Bungku is helped first in an emergency. "What is clear is that IMIP will help what we can" in short.

Slamet related to factory operations in the PT IMIP area, continued to operate as usual because the majority of employees live in villages around the PT IMIP area. He said, in the name of management, he claimed to be concerned about the flood. It hopes that all stakeholders together with stakeholders in Morowali and the community can unite and work together so that the situation can immediately recover. **

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