Project 1000 Cow on Napu Failed?

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THE PROJECT Of 1000 Cows in the pasture of the Napu Plain of Poso District, Central Sulawesi Province, which was initiated by Governor Longki Djangola, threatened to fail. Because, since 2018, the tender for the procurement of cow seeds for this program failed.

It is the Center for Veterinary Medicine (BBVet) Maros, South Sulawesi, believed to be supplying 1,000 cows. The cow's seeds will be distributed at the Napu plain grazing location in Poso Regency, precisely in the villages of Watutau and Alipu Lembah Napu. Herding techniques through community groups.

BBVet Maros, one of eight UPTs under the Directorate General of PKH which has the task of carrying out observation and identification of diagnoses, veterinary testing and animal products, as well as the development of techniques and methods of investigation, diagnosis and veterinary testing based on Minister of Agriculture Regulation No. 54 / Permentan / OT.140 / 5/2013.

According to the plan, Central Sulawesi will get cattle seed rations from the type of Australian Commercial Cross (ACC) in the form of Brahman Cross cattle, the aid will flow through the Director General of Livestock and Animal Health of the Ministry of Agriculture which is planned to be farmed in Alitupu Village. Then a grazing site was built in Watutau Village, Lore Piore District.

Supposedly, cattle assistance at the beginning of 2018 has arrived. But until mid-2019 it hasn't been realized. Reported by, said that the cattle procurement project that was auctioned at the Ministry of Animal Husbandry through the Maros Veterinary Center (BBVet Maros) failed tender.

The failure of the tender was justified by the Head of Production and Nursing Section of the Central Sulawesi Provincial Plantation and Livestock Service Office, Ir Mura According to him, the failure to fulfill the 1000 cattle quota for pasture in Watutau Village due to failed tender at UPT BBVet Maros South Sulawesi. "We can only surrender when the thousand cattle procurement project fails to tender, even though the grazing location has been built by the government," he said.

The location of the grazing land of Watutau Village, Lore Piore Sub-district was built in an area of around 800 hectares, a number of facilities have been built including Gudang Pakan, Shelter, guardrail and planting of Elephant grass as animal feed.

The facilities that have been built have not yet been able to be enjoyed or redundant because they only have 10 cows that were obtained from livestock assistance in 2018 sourced from the Central Sulawesi Regional Budget. In fact, the project of planting animal feed in the form of Elephant Grass (brachiaria decumbens) in some places did not show encouraging results, most of these plants died.

In fact, the elephant grass planting project consumed a budget of Rp. 172,800,000 from the first APBD I in 2018, the project was planning at that time to plant elephant grass on 86,000 polybacks with a planting area of approximately two hectares.

The failure of the 2018 Cattle Project in the Napu Plain greatly impacts the long-term central government's plan, namely the National Meat Self-Sufficiency Program in 2045. Even the Governor Longki Djanggola's program on the 2021 Central Cattle Year 2021 program will not be fulfilled.

The grant assistance program in 79 groups of farmers with 785 head of cattle in 13 regencies / cities in Central Sulawesi 2018 has not guaranteed the 1000 Cattle program in 2021 to succeed. There are still groups that commercialize cattle assistance after donated to groups of cattle recipients receiving livestock assistance.
"We, as the government, cannot do much when the recipients of the donation grant sell the aid, we can only encourage the livestock to be raised, not to sell it," said Mura.

As is known, the planned location of cattle farms in Alitupu Village, Napu Valley, Poso Regency has been heralded by the Central Sulawesi Provincial Government through Disbunak since 2017. Even Governor Longki has directly observed savanna fields in Alitupu Village on November 26, 2017, at that time Longki was accompanied by the Head, accompanied by Nahyun Biantong who is now retired. **

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