Reported Spread Hoax, Yahdi Prepares 98 Lawyers

Reportage: Ikhsan Madjido

GOVERNOR of Central Sulawesi, Longki Djanggola, visited the Central Sulawesi Integrated Police Service Center (SPKT), Friday (07/07/2019), to report NasDem Party politician Yahdi Basma for hoaxing about him some time ago.

To the officers who received it, Longki explained that he had actually reported the hoax news since five weeks, on May 20, 2019, but the progress of the handling was disappointing.

Because of that, Longki claimed to come again with the documents and documents needed so that the complaint report was changed to a police report and could be handled more seriously by the investigator. The Regional Police are expected to take firm legal action against the Central Sulawesi DPRD Members.

"I made a new report, a report that focused more on hoax disseminator Yahdi Basma. If the previous complaint is macro in nature to a number of people. But this time focus on Yahdi Basma," he said.

Longki stated that the hoaxes made by Yahdi through social media greatly harassed him and his authority as governor.

"My authority as Governor is very insulted by the expression that it seems as if I am financing people power," he said.

He claimed do know the motives of Yahdi spreading the news, namely to discredit him so he could not make anything.

"As a gentleman, you don't have to be like that. As a politician, don't be that way," he said firmly.

When asked if there was a peaceful effort to resolve this case, Longki said there was no such term.

"Don't say that the current society is free to do something, then just apologize. Sorry, that will be in court later," he said.

Until now, Longki claimed not to be open to communicating with Yahdi.

"As a politician, I really want to make a lesson for the person concerned, don't feel the greatest, the smartest and don't feel because the party is a big person, he just wants to. Everywhere I will face him (Yahdi Basma)," he said firmly.

Responding to reporters' questions regarding the slow handling of the Central Sulawesi Regional Police officers regarding these complaints because of outside intervention, the governor said that he also suspected that.

"It is very likely that there is and that I said earlier there were boastful languages that claimed to be punishing Yahdi if found guilty. Well that's just lip service, we both understand," Longki said again.

Central Sulawesi Regional Police Chief, Pol. Brigadier General. Lukman Wahyu Hariyanto, said that there had been a Letter of Notification on Progress of Investigation Results (SP2HP) received by the Governor's attorney. In the SP2HP, there were 17 witnesses examined. Lukman also denied any intervention.

Separately, Central Sulawesi DPRD member Yahdi Basma, prepared 98 legal teams to assist him in facing the Central Sulawesi Governor Longki Djanggola's report on the alleged spread of hoax news reported by the governor.

Yahdi Basma who was in Jakarta on Friday (07/07/2019) did not give much response. He just sent a release which explained that he also really wanted the case of the hoax spread to be revealed, so that it could be known who had edited the news with the title "Longki Djanggola Cost of Action for People Power in Central Sulawesi".

Even Yahdi Basma admitted that he had prepared 98 legal teams who would accompany him in facing the legal process reported by the Central Sulawesi Governor Longki Djanggola.

In the view of the Pena 98 Legal Counsel Team for Yahdi Basma (YB), Muh Rasyidi Bakri said that Yahdi Basma was often cooperative.

According to Rasyidi, Yahdi Basma always showed a cooperative attitude, where he often attended invitations to Central Sulawesi Regional Police investigators when questioned regarding alleged cases of people power hoaxes. His presence was even without the permission of the Minister of Home Affairs, as required by the MD3 Act.

"His client (Yahdi Basma) also did not respond to dozens of news reports which accused him of being the hoax spreader of the people power, in order to avoid the impression of incentives for the process taking place at the Central Sulawesi Regional Police," said Rasyidi.

He said that the very cooperative attitude of Yahdi Basma was based solely on the desire to explain the case of allegedly distributing hoaxes allegedly to him honestly, in order to facilitate the police in objectively investigating the resolution of this problem.

That what the public must know is both as a person and as a member of the DPRD, on various occasions to the Legal Team, Yahdi repeatedly shows his attitude in verbal language. "I may not have the intention of insulting Mr. Longky, now he is our parent. What I have done so far, especially since being appointed as a member of the Provincial DPRD in 2014, does indeed have to criticize all the performance and policies of the Provincial Government," Rasyidi said Yahdi's statement.

In connection with the rise of allegations of people power hoax news spreaders addressed to Yahdi, Rasyidi revealed that on May 19, 2019, on the way home from the PENA'98 Election evaluation meeting in Batam City, sat transit 5 hours in Jakarta, for 2 jam Yahdi Basma followed the viral news on the Facebook Group in the form of posting a newspaper clipping photo with a headline titled "Longky Financing People-power in Central Sulawesi. After viral for more than two hours, Rasyidi said, Yahdi Basma posted a status on Facebook.

About 40 minutes later after Yahdi Basma "suspected" the authenticity of the newspaper photo, he added, his client suggested that the perpetrators who produced the edits should be reported to the authorities. This can be checked through the digital footprint on

Rasyidi stressed that as for Yahdi Basma, his actions were blamed as the spread of hoax news, was his client's efforts to carry out the control function as a people's representative and at the same time in his functional duties as Chair of the Central Sulawesi Regional Parliament's Disaster Management Supervisory Committee.

This is clearly visible from a series of sentences and in order to maintain originality and law enforcement, the status was never edited by Yahdi Basma, let alone "deleted" on his Facebook wall account.

"Haaa? There are Heads of Regions funding People Power in Central Sulawesi? If it's true ... Sad ... Still ...! It's better to finance it: 1. Break fasting, Sahur etc., 2. Preparation costs ahead of Eid al-Fitr 1440-H / 2019 "Not for long ... For tens of thousands of Pasigala Disaster Victims who are still scattered in many refugee shelters, living in tents that have been torn and changing their tarps so many times," Rasyidi said in detail about the series of words on Yahdi's Facebook account.

The reactive attitude of Yahdi Basma, according to Rasyidi, was driven not only by the instinct of his love for the principle of performance as the people's representative in controlling executive power, but also in the inner situation he suffered as a victim of the September 28 2018 disaster, where hundreds of families shared his biological mother also died in the biggest liquidation in the world which occurred in Petobo Village, South Palu, at that time.

While that was the case where a newspaper headline was edited and then distributed by a social account, these 30 years, especially on social media, never happened. "Only this time, if it is true as an edits. That is, anyone who sees the photo of the newspaper in question, immediately believes its authenticity. The photo in question is not a fly meme and so on. Likewise Yahdi Basma saw it," he said.

Therefore, in the dissemination of newspaper editing photos containing the hoax news, Yahdi Basma was the victim of the "Bad guy" who produced the edited photo.

"So indeed YB encourages the disclosure of this case through the professionalism (means of Cyber-Crime technology) of the National Police, which we believe can find out who made the hoax," he said.

It should also be remembered that he added, the edited hoax news appeared in the midst of the strong narrative in the public about efforts to do people power from supporters of the candidate number 02 at the time. Moreover, the date was ahead of the KPU's Presidential Election announcement planned for May 22, 2019. Realizing that Longki Djanggola was the chairman of the Central Sulawesi Gerindra Party, Yahdi Basma's logic according to Rasyidi, was convinced by the newspaper's photo title. While at the same time, the rights of victims in refugee camps were still too many that had not been fulfilled, which spontaneously triggered his client's instincts as people's representatives to question the truth of the news, including by "distributing it" to whatapp group number.

"YB's efforts to check the truth of the edited news by forwarding it to the WhatsApp group, are hoping that it will get clarification from their friends in the Whatsapp group. Unfortunately YB's efforts by irresponsible people are used to make the situation worse reported to Mr. Longki Djanggola, "said Rasyidi.

As for the actions of some individuals who tried to continue to aggravate the situation by continuing to fry this issue urgently and suspect that the Central Sulawesi Regional Police Chief was not serious in handling this case, according to Rasyidi only the efforts of individuals were not responsible for imposing a clear and explicit desire to lust dropping and murdering the character of a Yahdi Basma, without wanting to see the background of this matter clearly. Including the brain behind the action yesterday morning, Friday, July 5, 2019 in Central Sulawesi Regional Parliament and Regional Police.

"We believe that Central Sulawesi Regional Police investigators have worked professionally and objectively in accordance with existing laws. We also believe that Central Sulawesi Regional Police investigators certainly cannot be intervened and influenced by people who are seeking profit from this case by trying to pressure investigators. in order to apply the articles according to their tastes even though they are not supported by the facts," he said.**

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